What is REM Trailblazer?

The Trailblazer series spotlights forward-thinking organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality.

It was developed in response to regular requests from people who wanted to know which organisations were successfully taking action and making an impact on race equality.

Organisations apply to be Trailblazers and their applications are assessed by an independent judging panel. If successful, they are awarded a Trailblazer medal.

Applications are now open.



What is REM Trailblazer?
What Is The Purpose Of Trailblazers?
Types of Trailblazers & Validity.
Why Should My Organisation Get Involved?


Of Judges said Trailblazer status increases buy-in from leadership and stakeholder groups towards tackling race inequality


Of Judges said Trailblazer status encourages the pursuit of racial equality within the workplace.


Said it would help organisations attract diverse talent.


Of Judges said Trailblazer status encourages organisations to keep the momentum going in tackling race inequality.

Achieving a Trailblazer enables your organisation to:


Show your community that you are serious about tackling race inequality.


Demonstrate to your employees and future employees that you provide and inclusive and positive workplace environment.

Expert Feedback

Receive feedback on the work you are doing and expert advice on how you can push the dial forward to create even more impact.

Apply to be a Wave 5 Trailblazer

Apply Now Judging Panellists

  • Apply: Judging Panel

    Apply to be a Judging Panellist.

  • Panellist Briefing Event

    Your Role as a Panellist

Free Resources to Help You Apply

  • Workshop: (1:01)

    Key benefits, application tips and advice.


  • Success Stories:

    Trailblazers and case studies.

  • Top Tips: (4.03)

    Trailblazer shares tips and impact.

  • Top Tips: (3.57)

    Trailblazer shares tips and impact.

  • Meet the Judges

    Find out who the Trailblazer Judging Panellists are.

  • Top Tips: (2.56)

    What judges are looking for.

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