Why implement our solutions?

Overall, since the noise back in 2020, progress in addressing racial inequality is proving to be a challenge. Whilst some organisations are now taking a nudge approach, which is starting to impact change, many have not started.

Many organisations have struggled to know where to start, and our solutions have supported them on their journey to race equality.

In a REM survey, the majority (63%) of respondents told us that in their organisation, there had been little or no change in tackling inequality over the past 12 months (August 2022). Only:


said their organisations focus on action not words


said their senior leaders are playing a key part


said allies are playing a key part

Our solutions are:

Impact Driven

All solutions are tested to ensure they will make a real impact. If it doesn't make an impact we won't do it.

Collaboration Led

Each solution is co-created with experts and those with lived experience. We do this to ensure the solutions are relevant and address real issues with impact.


When you become part of our community of changemakers you can assess free, 'How to Do it Right Guides', resources and virtual events that will support you to deliver each solution.

Our Solutions

Race Equality Week

We created Race Equality Week to turn words into meaningful action.

Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative. It was spurred on by the events of 2020, which heightened the country’s collective consciousness of the racism, inequality, and injustice experienced by ethnically diverse communities.

Held during the first week of February each year, Race Equality Week unites thousands of organisations in action to seriously address race inequality in the workplace.

Race Equality Week
Tea Break
Safe Space Plus
The Big Promise

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