Why Become A Partner?

To continue our work and provide our solutions and resources for free, so everyone can benefit, we need organisations to fund us.

In return, we will amplify your organisation’s commitment to race equality and support you on your journey.

Being associated with Race Equality Matters, the fastest-growing movement and community for race equality, provides:

  • A wide-reaching platform that amplifies your brand.
  • Access to new audiences and talent.
  • Evidence of your commitment to race equality to your employees and stakeholders.
  • Exclusive insight to help you achieve your race equality ambitions.
Why Become A Partner?
A Trusted and Recognised Brand.
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Mark Lomas

Head of Culture, Lloyd’s

Key Partner and Co-headline Sponsor of Race Equality Week

“After the events of 2020, people are growing tired of the rhetoric, and they want to see racial inclusion be more of a reality. Lots of organisation said very nice things but people want to see delivery against that.

This is why it is absolutely crucial that we move towards action. The thing about taking authentic action is that you can really engage people and, in turn, truly move the dial. We all want change to happen so actually, let’s stop talking about the change and start getting on with it.”

Laura Kyrke-Smith

IRC UK – Executive Director

“On behalf of the International Rescue Committee UK, we’re delighted to support Race Equality Week and Race Equality Matters. We couldn’t agree more that there should be no words without action in the movement for race equality, and their tangible insights and tools are helping our organisation reflect on and drive forward our own diversity, equality and inclusion commitments.”

Michael Burgess

Chief People Officer, Amey

“I am delighted that Amey have become a Race Equality Matters Funding Partner, for two main reasons: Firstly, it is the right thing to do, as words are one thing, but actions are another in tackling race inequality.  Secondly, it makes complete business sense, by whatever measure we wish to use, for Amey to be part of a network of companies and subject matter experts that have the aim of increasing diversity in the workforce.”

The Need


Said their organisation tackles race inequality really well.


Said their organisation does not focus on action, change and impact.


Said the majority of allies make an impact.

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