What is Race Equality Week?

Race Equality Week is an annual UK-wide movement uniting hundreds of thousands of organisations and individuals to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace.




What is Race Equality Week?
Purpose and Aims.
Why the 2024 Theme #ListenActChange?
How can my organisation get involved?

Co-headline Partners Powering Race Equality Week

Mark Lomas
Head of Culture, Lloyd’s

#ListenActChange is important because the reality is ethnically diverse colleagues are still the minority in the workplace therefore it’s everyone’s responsibility to put in place the change that’s needed. Especially allies and colleagues.

The only way we change is by understanding what has been happening and acting from that is really important because that is the behavioural bit that plays a role. This is the bit where we form our habits, call out microaggressions, be more educated and allow real change to happen.

What we need is for colleagues, allies and ethnically diverse colleagues themselves to all act together in concert to achieve change. This is why #ListenActChange is so important.”

Raj Tulsiani
Co-founder and Chair, REM and CEO, Green Park

“Race Equality Week has become a vital part of intersectional progress.

Firstly, it has created a time and a place to sustain the momentum after the events that took place in 2020. Race Equality Week allows organisations to both reflect and pursue action towards tackling race inequality.

Secondly, it has grown from Javed and I, to now 4 million people and 4500 companies across the UK, it proves that the topic of race equality can’t be ignored or handled in a tokenistic manner.

Thirdly, it provides guides and solutions to create inclusive work environments and these solutions have been shaped with the help of people in the community who have a lived experience of discrimination. We put the spotlight on organisations who care.”



Would recommend Race Equality Week to others looking to tackle race inequality.


Said Race Equality Week is a good initiative to support their organisation’s commitment to race equality.


Said Race Equality Week helps unite employees around tackling race inequality.

Race Equality Week enables your organisation to:


To the needs of your people and what challenges they face in your organisation.


Collaborate with colleagues or your internal race networks to understand what actions can be put in place to create or enhance an inclusive working environment. Could your organisation try one of REM’s free solutions.


When you take action, you inspire your colleagues to do the same which helps others to learn and play a part in making a difference.

Resources To Help You Plan Race Equality Week 2024.

  • The 5-Day Challenge 2024

    Download the Project Manager Guide and individual challenges for each day.


  • Video:

    REW 2024 Highlights.

  • Participation Pack:

    All you need to promote your involvement.

  • Virtual Events:

    Free insightful events.

  • Spotlight Organisations:

    Showcase your planned activity.

  • New Solution:


  • Solution:

    The 5-Day Challenge 2023.

Donate to Fund Race Equality Week 2025.

Race Equality Week 2024 was made possible through donations from:

  • Individuals
  • Race networks that held fundraisers during the week
  • Organisations

We need funding to keep Race Equality Week going and growing in 2025.

A donation would mean the world to us.

If you and/or your organisation are benefitting from being part of Race Equality Week, and can afford to, please help us get to our funding goal.


It’s quick and easy to donate.

Please share the QR code with your colleagues and networks.                 

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