Race equality week powered by Lloyds

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Our aim is to transform the culture in Lloyd’s by embedding inclusive practices that enable high performance.

We aim to change perceptions of the industry so that it becomes a destination of choice for global talent.

Our partnership with Race Equality Matters (REM) is part of our Ethnicity Commitments which support organisations promoting race equality and supporting the development of ethnic minority talent. We are proud of our partnership with REM which will enable thousands of people across the Lloyd’s Market to access practical resources that have been developed in collaboration with ethnic minority stakeholders.

You can find out more about Lloyd’s Ethnicity Commitments here: Current actions to promote an inclusive culture – Lloyd’s

Mark Lomas, Head of Culture, Lloyd’s of London


The Partnership

Mark Lomas, Head of Culture, Lloyd’s

“Working with Race Equality Matters (REM) is an important part of the Lloyd’s Ethnicity Commitments which aim to improve racial equality, diversity and inclusion in our Market. We recognise the important role REM play in advocating for racial equality and are proud to partner with them.”

Raj Tulsiani, Co-founder and Chair, REM and CEO, Green Park

"We are delighted to be working with Lloyd’s as a Key Partner and supporter of Race Equality Week. Diversity is the ultimate renewable fuel for innovation and productivity, increases in inclusion is the only engine it runs on. Lloyds will be pivotal to changing expectations of equality in the Market and beyond.”

The importance of Race Equality

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Other Resources

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