What Is #MyNameIs?

#MyNameIs is a simple but highly impactful solution that ensures the correct pronunciation of people’s names.

The aim is to:

  • Get people’s names right, which creates the opportunity for people to feel wanted, to feel like they belong, and to be treated with respect.
  • Ensure the meaning, heritage, and identity behind our names are not taken away.

How we aim to do this:

  • Share the real emotional and professional impact it has on ethnically diverse colleagues when their names are mispronounced and why it needs to stop.
  • Normalise phonetic spelling on email signatures, meetings, name badges, and more to make it easier for people’s names to be pronounced the right way.
  • Encourage people to ask how to pronounce a name if they are unsure, encouraging conversations about the importance of our names.

We have seen the positive impact the addition of pronouns has had on inclusivity, and with #MyNameIs, we have an opportunity to build on this.


What Is #MyNameIs?
Why Is It Important To Get Names Right?
Why Should My Organisation Get Involved?
How Can My Organisation Get Involved?


Of people believe in the #MyNameIs campaign.


Of people have had their name mispronounced.

#MyNameIs enables you to:


Your phonetic name spelling to email signatures and every platform you use, so that people have the opportunity to say your name right.


By sharing your phonetic name spelling and the #MyNameIs campaign, in order to spark conversations about the importance of names being pronounced correctly in the workplace.

Drive Inclusion:

Our names hold significance and hearing people say it right and take the time to understand them, helps create a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Free Resources to Support You to Implement #MyNameIs

  • #MyNameIs Guide

    All you need to know to get involved.


  • Introduction: (00:37:57)

    A recording of the launch event.

  • Visual Tool:

    Share your phonetic name, share your story.

  • First-hand Insight: (00:04.43)

    Insights from the REM Community.

  • First-hand Insight: (00:01.01 Min)

    What a name means.

  • Success Story: (00:03:11)

    The difference #MyNameIs has made.

  • Success Story:

    Find out how a Trailblazer did it.

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