The Race Equality Network

From our research, it is clear that networks are a fantastic support and good for wellbeing, but they too often have little influence or empowerment to create change.

By working together, we can amplify the voices of those not being heard within businesses and institutions alike and, through the masses, ensure real change finally happens.

A key part of Race Equality Matters is the Race Equality Network, a collaboration of race network leaders and members, experts in the field, allies, and ethnically diverse employees from a variety of organisations.

We provide a series of free events, solutions, and resources to support our growing network, that includes over 1,000 ethnically diverse race network leaders and thousands of other changemakers driving race equality.

The Race Equality Network welcomes all individuals and organisations that want to ensure that this moment becomes a movement that creates change.

A Collaboration

The Race Equality Network’s focus is to share insight and drive meaningful change for race equality.
We aren’t afraid to do things differently if it has a positive impact.

Will you join our network? 

Individuals from over 4,500 organisations have joined us, here are some of the sectors they work in:

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Media & Broadcast

Professional Services



Local Authorities



Third Sector

A Movement For Change

We bring together hundreds of organisations to unite and collaborate.

We are creating solutions for change and will work with members to implement them.

We enable people and organisations to do things differently and create change.

We will help networks have a real impact for your employees and business.

We provide free services, solutions, insight and opportunities to collaborate to over 1,000 ethnically diverse race network leaders and thousands of other changemakers.

Will You Join Us?

The need is clear.

Individuals from over 4,500 organisations have signed up to the Race Equality Network, including representatives from the technology, insurance, financial and professional service sectors, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Central Government and not-for-profits.

As A Member Of The Race Equality Network

  • Part of a UK-wide race network of networks.
  • Provided with support to make a greater strategic impact.
  • United in helping to amplify the voices of those not being heard.
  • Part of a development and best practice exchange for ethnic minority employee networks and/or other employee resource group leaders.
  • Provided with tools and fully developed initiatives that have strategic impact and will create change within your organisation.
  • Part of a movement that brings together organisations that want to be part of the solution.
  • Empowered to be a critical friend to senior leaders and departments holding them to account on race policies.
  • Demonstrating that for your organisation, it’s not just about a social media post or a slogan; what matters is taking meaningful action.
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