What Is Tea Break?

Tea Break provides the framework for an organisation to hear about race inequality through the honest voices and feelings of its colleagues.

  • It is a one-hour themed discussion about an issue that matters.
  • Employees are invited, in person or online, to listen to others or actively participate. Individuals can choose to remain anonymous or not.



What Is Tea Break?
Purpose and Aims.
Why Should My Organisation Get Involved?
How Do I Run a Tea Break?


Said Tea Break would tackle racial inequality in their workplace.


Said Tea Break would facilitate uncomfortable but necessary conversations about race inequality.


Said it would be easy to get their senior leaders on board with the initiative.

Tea Break enables your organisation to:

Organisation-wide Discussions:

Access a ‘live temperature check’ - it opens dialogue on specific themes relevant to race inequality.

Courageous Conversations:

Empower people to speak openly about their honest feelings and be genuinely listened to.


Hear the honest voice and feelings of your colleagues, this enables organisations to tackle race inequality.

Free Resources to Help You Implement Tea Break

  • 'How To Do It Right' Guide

    Everything you need to know.


    • Tea Break
  • Intro: (00:04:34)

    Background and overview.

  • Key Steps: (00:09.21)

    Walk through of 11 recommended steps.

  • Tops Tips: (00.11.15)

    Experts share experiences and tips.

  • Top Tips: (00:09.08)

    Expert shares experience and tips.

  • Success Story:

    Judges described this as a dynamic approach.

  • Success Story:

    How Tea Break has prompted future action.

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