What is The Big Promise?

Actions speak louder than words.

The Big Promise is a commitment to action, and not just words.

Individuals make a public commitment that is measurable, and they are held accountable in order to create positive change.

When we make a promise, we do not break it!



What is The Big Promise?
Purpose and Aims.
Why Should My Organisation Take Part?
How Does The Big Promise Work?


Said the Big Promise will have an impact on race equality in their organisation.


Said the Big Promise will help make race equality everyone’s business.


Said the Big Promise was effective or highly effective in comparison to other DEI initiatives tackling racial inequality.

The Big Promise enables you to:

Make measurable promises:

Choose from a selection of 7 promises that will drive meaningful change for colleagues in the workplace.

Be held accountable:

Make a commitment to keep the promise to ensure that it is not just words but action.

Make an impact:

By fulfilling your promises and showing, through your actions, that you are seriously committed to driving change.

Free Resources to Help You Implement the Big Promise

  • Big Promise 'How to Do it Right' Guide

    Everything you need to know about implementing the Big Promise.


  • Intro: (00:04:06)

    Background and overview.

  • Workshop: (00:37:22)

    Walk-through key steps.

  • Online Tool:

    Make a promise and share it.

  • Printable Postcards:

    Share within your organisation so everyone makes their Big Promise.

  • Top Tips: (00:11:58)

    Experts share experiences and tips.

  • Top Tips: (00:02:07)

    Expert shares impact.

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