Actions speak louder than words

The BIG Promise is an organisational commitment to action not just words.

Individuals and / or organisations make a public commitment, which is measurable and to which they will be held accountable, to create a positive change. Choose from seven meaningful actions devised by our ethnic minority community; forming a bridge between lived experience, investment and decision making.


The BIG Promise will highlight organisations and leaders who are serious about race equality

From our in depth 1-2-1 research and further desk research, it is clear that the majority of ethnic minority employees feel that many organisations have ‘jumped ‘on the race bandwagon in recent months without taking meaningful steps to truly affect change. 

Similarly, where organisations, leaders and allies are on the surface appearing to ‘take action’, too often the reality is an undertaking of tick box exercise with little real impact for those they are trying to reach. 

Common issues encountered include:

  1. Virtue signalling.
  2. Paying lip service.
  3. A lack of executive buy-in or sponsorship.
  4. Stating ‘we can / will do better’ without implementing concrete or measurable activity.
  5. Unfairly placing the responsibility for creating solutions on the ethnic minority colleagues and recently black employees.
  6. Focusing on what is easiest, cheapest, most convenient, as opposed to what will have impact. 
  7. Introducing tick box exercises, such as unconscious bias training and ‘lunch and learns’ and assuming the job is done.


In recent months alone there have been numerous charters launched, revised, and relaunched, with hundreds of organsitions signing up to them.

However, organisations have been signing a variety of race charters for years and what change has happened?

In our research the majority of those we interviewed could not name a single organisation that they believed were doing well for its ethnic minority employees.

The question is what happens once you sign a charter. Is progress measured? What are the consequences if commitments are not made?


This is what keeps organisations and individual focused, however, our research highlighted that when it comes to race equality in the workplace, typically there is a lack of three fundamental necessities to move the dial:

  • measures
  • transparency 
  • accountability


The BIG Promise has been created in collaboration with senior leaders, race network chairs and D&I and race experts and working with one of our partners The Governance Forum.

When we make a promise, we do not break it!

Through 1-2-1 and group workshops with the Race Equality Matters community, we have reviewed numerous charters with over 200 ‘commitments’ and identified promises/commitments that are measurable, accountable, and transparent and will create meaningful change.

These are selected by those who face inequality and not created by those who have power, influence, and privilege.

The BIG Promise turns words into action.


Imagine the impact if hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of staff make a promise that they keep.

There are a set of bespoke promises for

  • Senior leaders
  • Allies
  • Ethnic minority employees


From the bespoke list of options, each person will select a minimum of one promise which they promise to commit to, measure and share.  

With the influence of social media, helping us be transparent and accountable, united we can really drive change.

If not now, then when?

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