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The BIG Promise will highlight organisations and leaders who are serious about race equality


The Big Promise is an organisational commitment to action not just words.

Individuals and / or organisations make a public commitment, which is measurable and to which they will be held accountable, to create a positive change. Choose from seven meaningful actions devised by our ethnic minority community; forming a bridge between lived experience, investment and decision making.

There are a set of bespoke promises for the following:

  • C-Suite/Board Level
  • Senior Leaders
  • Allies
  • Ethnic minority employees

These sets of promises were created and reviewed in collaboration with many partners and our Race Equality Network.



When you are ready to make your Promise click the link below



Hold up your promise

The Big Promise is all about action. Show your commitment by making your Big Promise public by sharing it on social media and tagging us with the below hashtags:

#RaceEqualityWeek #TheBigPromise

Linkedin & Facebook: @Race Equality Matters

Twitter & Instagram: @RaceEquality_UK


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