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Race Equality Matters was formed in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement to turn declarations of commitment and support from organisations and individuals into meaningful change in racial equality both in the workforce & in society.

A not for profit community interest company, Race Equality Matters is founded by Green Park, The Collaboratory and Black History Month in collaboration with a cohort of minority-owned organisations with a passion for diversity, inclusion & equality and with a track record in moving the dial.

We are proud to be supported by many different sponsors including our Lifetime Visionary Partner; BT.

Green Park

Green Park is an award-winning consultancy that offers Executive Search, Interim Management, Board Advisory, Diversity & Inclusion and Managed Service People Solutions across the private, public and third sectors.

Championing diversity and inclusion, Green Park is changing the face of leadership by helping organisations think differently about talent in the UK’s top boardrooms.

Green Park’s aim is to help organisations to attract, identify, develop, and retain trusted, inclusive, authentic and, most of all, highly effective leaders from different backgrounds to leverage the power of collective difference.

In 2019, Green Park placed a new diverse leader on a board every 8 days. Our goal is to make that a daily occurrence by 2025!

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The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is a catalyst for a movement of social innovation. It brings together specialised skills from the commercial and not-for-profit organisations, allowing both sides to work together to come up with solutions that tackle the problems that really matter.

The Collaboratory takes on not for profits and society’s BIGGEST problems to make a real ‘impact,’ believing that the most important step in fueling change is #actionnotwords.

The Collaboratory have made it happen by linking the right people together and putting in place the key pieces to help solve problems that really matter.

This includes creating new campaigns, creating new interventions to help those charities are trying to help, creating mass movements of change and helping create funding and income streams for the future.

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BT is a multinational telecommunications company. Recognising the prejudice their ethnic minority employees continue to face in many aspects of their lives they have joined Race Equality Matters to help make practical, real life solutions to accelerate change.

We look forward to working together.


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Black History Month Magazine

Black History Month Magazine www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk is the central point of focus and lead the nationwide celebration of Black History, Arts and Culture throughout the UK.


Progressive employers recognise that being forward-thinking on equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace makes sense.

They recognise that employees from different backgrounds bring unique knowledge, skills and experience to their businesses.

The Black History Month Diversity Dashboard is a place where Black History Month Diversity Champions can actively seek to recruit and promote to BAME communities.

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Diversity UK

Diversity UK is an equality charity that aims to research, advocate and promote ideas for improving diversity and inclusion in Britain. It is an evidence-based initiative that seeks to influence policy, enhance civic engagement and improve the perception of the minority ethnic community in Britain.

It delivers its objectives through its website and newsletters and aims to undertake research, raise awareness, facilitate debates, host roundtable meetings, participate in consultations and monitor progress in public appointments.

Founded in 2012, Diversity UK is a registered charity (No: 1155189) in England & Wales.

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Rare Recruitment

Rare is a multi-award winning diversity company. Rare produces software products including Hemisphere, the online unconscious bias training platform, and the Contextual Recruitment System, which allows employers to put candidates’ achievements in context. It also sources, develops and places ethnic minority candidates for elite graduate schemes.

Rare works with all five Magic Circle law firms, the top three global strategy consulting firms, two of the world’s top three investment banks, and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Rare has over 20,000 candidates on its books, and its contextualised recruitment software has processed over 750,000 graduate job applications.

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The Governance Forum

The Governance Forum, (TGF) consists of specialist organisations working together to deliver exceptional standards in the whole area of governance.

The main aim of the forum is to encourage organisations in the private, public and voluntary sector to think more strategically about the benefits and importance of effective governance. The forum provides a practical approach to building a firm governance structure and helps such organisations to operate to the best of their ability.

TGF provides leadership solutions to strengthen the capacity of the board, delivering exceptional standards in the areas of high performance leadership, strategic thinking and practical approaches based on years of experience in this sector, when implementing firm governance structures throughout the organisation.

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Kick It Out

Kick It Out is English football’s equality and inclusion organisation. Working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change, Kick It Out is at the heart of the fight against discrimination for everyone who plays, watches or works in football.

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Flair helps organisations track racial inclusivity and awareness through anonymous surveys on racial issues. Their algorithms sift through each survey response, creating a report and dashboard that summarise key strengths, concerns and suggested actions to build a racially inclusive and aware culture. The surveys are designed to be repeated over time, letting you track your organisations levels of racial inclusivity and awareness, and see how performance compares to other organisations.

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The Diversity Dashboard

The Diversity Dashboard help organisations reach the real Britain by being a conduit between inclusive employers and diverse talent.  They are a one stop shop for diversity news including jobs, careers advice and regular articles through the Diversity Digest.

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It is good for business; it is good for your employees and it is good for your community.

We have mental health awareness week, we have breast cancer awareness month, we have carers week and black history month, but we don’t have anything for all Races united.

As Lord Mayor of the City of London, diversity and inclusion was at the heart of my role. I'm glad to say that we have seen some progress, particularly on gender and LGBTQ+ b ut we know there is much more to do, especially on race. Race Equality Week, such a simple but brilliant concept, provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to keep the momentum for change going, and even accelerating. Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL Former Lord Mayor of London (2013/2014)

As Lord Mayor of the City of London, diversity and inclusion was at the heart of my role. I'm glad to say that we have seen some progress, particularly on gender and LGBTQ+ but we know there is much more to do, especially on race. Race Equality Week, such a simple but brilliant concept, provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to keep the momentum for change going, and even accelerating. Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL Former Lord Mayor of London (2013/14)

With organisations and individuals more open to have honest conversations and with public declarations of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, we have a real opportunity to turn this moment into meaningful change for the future of the workplace & wider society. Through Race Equality Matters we intend to empower and amplify the voice of ethnic minority employees and provide organisations, networks and individuals with the insight, tools and resource to drive effective action for sustainable change. Raj Tulsiani CEO & Co-Founder | Green Park

Many people have never heard their employers talk about race. That’s why we created the Race Fairness Commitment – a set of measures including talking about race in every induction and exit interview. We support Race Equality Week as driver of more conversations about racial justice, and commitments to real change. Raphael Mokades Founder and Managing Director | Rare

Diversity UK is pleased to be a founding partner of the Race Equality Matters because progress on improving race representation at all levels in corporate life, civil society and the public sector in Britain has been too slow. We all need to work towards building back the trust and support of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised and Race Equality Matters is the ideal flag bearer for this progress. Lopa Patel Chair | Diversity UK

Race Equality Week provides a real opportunity for each of us to be a force for good Dominic Christian Global Chairman | Reinsurance Solutions, Aon

Race Equality Week has the potential to be game-changing in the way it combines conscious allyship with a strong peer network - we've seen how powerful this combination can be in other scenarios and it's exciting to see it applied to tackling race in the workplace Su-Mei Thompson CEO | Media Trust

Why do we need Race Equality Week? Quite simply because we do not have race equality and, until we do, we have to do everything we can to achieve it through the kind of action and collaboration that Race Equality Week can mobilise. I urge every organisation to participate. Nichola Cheffings Senior Council | Hogan Lovells

I'm passionate about helping football to be a game where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and included from the terraces to the pitch, to the boardroom. Race Equality Matters also shares this vision, so we’re looking forward to working together in our mission to make football a game for everyone. Sanjay Bhandari Chairman | Kick it Out

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