Learn about what works at our series of free virtual events. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and hear from experts who are driving change.


Discover new job opportunities or advertise new job roles. Organisations from a variety of sectors, committed to attracting ethnically diverse talent, post a variety of job roles.


Exclusive access to networking and collaboration, expertise, insights, branding and solutions support.

Support the Cause

Help us to continue our push for change; our ambition is to continue to do our work for years to come.

Race Equality Matters

Mission: To remove barriers and provide the solutions to tackle race inequality.

Now is the time. Change is in our hands. It’s everyone’s business.

We will not produce reports or create charters, but we will create solutions, share what works, and proactively work with collaborating organisations, networks, individuals, and experts to implement the change our community seeks.

Join our community and become part of the movement. 

Registration is free, and your participation is our only requirement.


Why Us

How we're making a difference


Organisations engaged with a reach of 4M+ employees.


Changemakers in the community.

100 million+

Reached over REW 2023.


Learnt something new by engaging with REM.


Would recommend Race Equality Week to others.


Said REM solutions will have a meaningful impact on race inequality.

What we are talking about.

The Need


Said their organisation tackles race inequality really well.


Said their organisation does not focus on action, change and impact.


Said the majority of allies make an impact.

Our Solutions

Race Equality Week

We created Race Equality Week to turn words into meaningful action.

Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative. It was spurred on by the events of 2020, which heightened the country’s collective consciousness of the racism, inequality, and injustice experienced by ethnically diverse communities.

Held during the first week of February each year, Race Equality Week unites thousands of organisations in action to seriously address race inequality in the workplace.


Race Equality Week
5-Day Challenge
Tea Break
Safe Space Plus
The Big Promise
D&I & Belonging Survey Tool
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