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Race Equality Week

Unite in activity to support change.

5 Day Challenge

5 Challenges – 5 Minutes – 5-Days.

Race Equality Matters

The Big Promise

An organisational commitment.

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Normalise phonetic name spelling.


Guiding conversation into action.

Tea Break

Enable courageous conversations.

Race Equality Network

A network of networks to drive change.

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Race Equality Matters

Ambition: A UK wide collaboration of thousands of organisations and millions of employees creating change to achieve Race Equality in our workplaces. 

With Black Lives Matter protests continuing to take place across the globe, sparked by the death of George Floyd and the tragic impact of COVID-19 inequalities on the ethnically diverse community, there is a very real possibility of creating meaningful change in racial equality both in the workforce & in society. 

We must not lose this opportunity. Let’s not go back to normal. 

We will not produce reports or create charters but will proactively promote useful intelligence to create solutions and work with collaborating organisations, networks, individuals and experts to implement the change our members seek.

Join us and become part of the movement. Registration is free, your participation is our only requirement. 

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Driven by passion and frustration, there is an appetite for action, yet there are a lot of individuals and organisations that could be accused of simply jumping on the bandwagon and making hollow gestures.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Race Equality Matters are creating a movement, a collaboration of companies, organisations, race networks, experts in the field, allies, and employees to improve workplace equality across the public, private and charity sectors. 

Our Race Equality Network will provide free services, insight, opportunities to collaborate and training materials to 1000 ethnically diverse network chairs. The launch of Race Equality Week has united organisations and individuals in activity and will continue to do so every February to address issues affecting ethnically diverse employees.

Become Part of the Movement

Cost: Free
Criteria: Your involvement

Please register your interest to be kept informed, be part of the movement, access the tools and support and help make the change we are all striving for.


4th Wave in the Trailblazer series - Applications now open

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VIRTUAL EVENT: 21 September 12.30-13.45 Get Ready for Race Equality Week

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