Race Equality Matters

With all the issues and news relating to the tragic events, including the George Floyd killing, the impact of COVID and inequalities to the BAME community, there is a real opportunity right now to create meaningful change in racial equality both in the workforce & in society.  

Driven by passion and anger, there is an appetite for action, yet there are a lot of individuals and organisations that could be accused of making hollow gestures. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Race Equality Matters is a not for profit community interest company founded by Green Park, Black History Month & The Collaboratory, with support from our partners: Diversity UK, Rare Recruitment, The Governance Forum, Diversity Dashboard & The Diversity Digest.

We will not produce reports or create charters but will proactively promote useful intelligence to create solutions and work with collaborating organisations, networks, individuals and experts to implement the change our members seek.


Following a series of 70+ in depth 1-2-1 interviews, we have gained fascinating insights from senior business leaders, BAME network chairs & leaders and experts in the D&I field.

Race Equality Network

A key part of Race Equality Matters will be the Race Equality Network – a UK wide network of race / ethnic minority networks.

From our research it is clear that networks are a fantastic support and good for wellbeing, but often have little influence or empowerment to create change.

Together we can start to amplify the voices of those not being heard within businesses and institutions alike and through the masses ensure real change finally happens.

A collaboration of organisations, individuals, race networks, experts in the field, allies, and employees, the Race Equality Network is a movement in which:

  • We bring together hundreds of organisations to unite and collaborate.
  • We are creating solutions for change and will work with members to implement them.
  • We enable people and organisations to do things differently that will create change.
  • We will help networks have a real impact for your employees and business.

Race equality network members

The members of the Race Equality Network will be:

  1. Part of a UK wide race network of networks.
  2. Provided with support to make a greater impact strategic impact.
  3. United in helping to amplify voices of those not being heard.
  4. Part of a development, training, and best practice exchange for ethnic minority employee networks and / or resource group leaders.
  5. Provided with tools and fully developed initiatives to have strategic impact and create change within your organisation.
  6. Provided with support to make a greater impact strategic impact.
  7. Part of a movement that will help convene organisations that want to be part of the solution.
  8. Empowered to be a critical friend to senior leaders and departments holding them to account on bame policies.
  9. Demonstrating that it’s not just about a social media post or a slogan- what matters is taking meaningful action.

Race Equality Week

With Race being such a pertinent issue, being discussed across the UK in offices, shop floors and boardrooms, there is a need to pull everything together and to maximise impact with a UK wide collaboration.

Race Equality Week – a week when organisations across the country unite in activity to ‘seriously’ address race in the workplace, increasing transparency & accountability.

We will support organisations with:

  • Participants resource pack: Promotional materials; PR & Comms messaging and top tips
  • Webinar how to workshops for the below initiatives (pin badge campaign, Safe Space and the BIG Promise).
  • A network - Exchange of ideas and support with other organisations.

What it’s not:

  • Putting up a slogan.
  • Having a conversation with ethnic moinority employees with no follow up action to create meaningful change.
  • Putting the sole responsibility on your Race Network or ethnic minority employees.

Take part in race equality week

There are 4 key options, which have been developed in collaboration with BAME stakeholders who believe that it will help make an impact. Your organisation can opt for one or any combination of the options:

  1. Race Equality Matters Badge Campaign - a visible movement of support.
  2. Safe Space - the facilitation of meaningful dialogue between ethnic minority employees and board members, where ethnic minority employees are heard by the board who make a commitment to take action to address some of the key issues raised.
  3. The BIG Promise - where individuals and / or organisation make a public commitment, which must be measurable and to which they will be held accountable, to create a positive change.
  4. Do your own thing - that has been approved by your ethnic minority employee network.

Become part of the movement

Cost: Free
Criteria: Your involvement

Please register your interest to be kept informed, be part of the movement, access the tools and support and help make the change we are all striving for.


Please register your interest to be kept informed, be part of the collaboration and movement, to have access to the tools and support to help make the change we are all striving for


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