What is the 5-Day Challenge?

5-Challenges,  5- Minutes,  5-Days

Created for Race Equality Week, the 5-Day Challenge has 5 different activities for all your colleagues to engage in over 5 days.

The activities help employees reflect and, more importantly, take action to drive Race Equality.

Each daily activity takes just 5 minutes.

There are ready-to-go, downloadable PDFs for each day that can be distributed to employees or accessed via your organisation’s employee portal.

On the last day, everyone will be ready to make a Big Promise.

What is the 5-Day Challenge?
Purpose and Aims.
How does it work?
Why should my organisation get involved?


Of respondents who experienced the 5-Day Challenge said it will make an impact in tackling race inequality


Said it will be more or significantly more effective than other D&I initiatives tackling race inequality.


Said it will maximise colleague engagement.


Said the 5-Day Challenge will have an impact on race inequality in their organisation.

The 5-Day Challenge enables your employees to:


Using the eye-opener questions to better understand the impact of certain beliefs or actions that we take in our day-to-day lives.

Be Informed:

Of the impact of our thoughts and actions in the workplace and the affect this may have on our colleagues.

Drive Change:

Through feasible action points that offer simple ways to do things differently and help in creating an inclusive environment in the workplace.

5-Day Challenge: Issue 2

This 5-Day Challenge was created for Race Equality Week 2024

5-Day Challenge: Issue 1

This 5-Day Challenge was created for Race Equality Week 2023.

  • Race Equality Matters 5 Day Challenge 2023

    Project Manager Guide:

    Everything you need to know.


  • Day 1:

    The Eye Opener

  • Day 2:


  • Day 3:

    More Than A Name

  • Day 4:


  • Day 5:

    The Big Promise

  • Top Tips: (00:04:07)

    The impact it had.

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