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About The 5-Day Challenge

5 Challenges – 5 Minutes – 5-Days

Built by the Race Equality Matters Community.

There are many barriers to driving race equity, including a lack of understanding of what it feels like to be in others’ shoes and how to be positively inclusive.

Small changes can make a real difference to how we act and, in doing so, how we make people feel.

If everyone makes a small change – it adds up and becomes powerful and impactful and
enables real change.

Over the next 5 days, we ask everyone to take just 5 minutes each day to self-reflect and
commit to taking action that will drive this change.

If we can Listen to what needs to be done and take Action on what we have heard and learnt, then we can create and be the Change to tackle race inequality. This is why the 2024 Race Equality Week theme is #ListenActChange.

The 5-Day Challenge will help

There are different activities for your colleagues to engage with each day of Race Equality Week – they include videos, articles, and activities to help you reflect and, more importantly, take action to drive Race Equality.

Each daily activity is 5 minutes, and there are ready-to-go downloadable PDFS for each day.

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Daily Challenges For You to Download.

Day 1

Do you ever hear someone say something inappropriate in the workplace, that would be considered a microaggressions but wait for someone else to speak up?

Day 2

How can we know about or understand things when we’ve never seen, heard,
or read about them?

Day 3

Do you praise some people more than others?

Day 4

How can we succeed and thrive if being ourselves does not ‘fit in’ with the expected culture of an organisation?

Day 5

Will you join millions of others today to turn words and thoughts into action?
To find out how, have a go at today’s challenge.

Make your Big Promise

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