What Is #ItsNotMicro?

The #ItsNotMicro solution will enable your colleagues to be able to confidently call out microaggressions in the workplace. 

#ItsNotMicro does this by:

  1. Raising awareness of what microaggressions are.
  2. Providing colleagues with the tools and skills needed to tackle it.
  3. Giving allies the courage and confidence to know what to say when calling out microaggressions.
What Is #ItsNotMicro?


Said they experience microaggressions in the workplace.

Only 16%

of microaggressions are called out.


Said the #ItsNotMicro campaign would help tackle racial inequality in their organisation.

  • Why It's Important to #ListenActChange When It Comes To Microaggressions.

    Mark Lomas, Head of Culture at Lloyd’s, shares why #ItsNotMicro is an impactful solution.


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