What is Safe Space Plus?

Safe Space Plus (formerly Safe Space) is a 2-hour facilitated dialogue between 3-5 Board members/Exco and up to 10 ethnically diverse colleagues, creating a balanced and informative environment.

Safe Space Plus has 3 core parts and 11 steps:

  1. Inform and educate.
  2. Understand the issues.
  3. Act.

The conversation is carried out in a protected environment, and it is action-focused, addressing issues that are guided by lived experience.

This promotes structural change from the very top of an organisation.


What is Safe Space Plus?
Why Do We Need Safe Space Plus?
Purpose and Aims.
Why Should My Organisation Get Involved?


Said Safe Space Plus is more effective in tackling race inequality compared to a traditional Safe Space.


Said Safe Space Plus will help organisations take meaningful action towards making an impact.


Said Safe Space Plus will help tackle race inequality in their organisation.

Safe Place Plus enables senior leaders to:

Inform and Educate:

Board/Exco members ask ethnically diverse colleagues questions they may not feel comfortable to ask publicly for fear of sounding ignorant or offensive.


Ethnically diverse colleagues raise key issues of race inequality that are specific to their organisation and which they believe if addressed will have a meaningful impact.

Take Action:

The Board/Exco decide which issue(s) to act on and develops action plans in partnership with ethnically diverse colleagues, setting targets and committing to monitor progress.

Free Resources to Help You Implement Safe Space Plus

  • 'How to Do It Right' Guide

    Everything you need to know.

  • Intro: (00:03.35)

    Background and overview.

  • Workshop: (01:06.15)

    ‘How to’ with experts.

  • Workshop: (00:43.21)

    A guide to facilitating.

  • Top Tips: (00:00:33)

    Expert shares insight.

  • Success Story:

    How Safe Space Plus leads to action.

  • Success Story:

    Giving ethnically diverse employees a voice.

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