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Race Equality Matters conducted research to identify the barriers and solutions to race equality in the workplace. Some of the key findings were:

  • 85% of race experts said senior leaders did not know what ethnic minority colleagues wanted or required
  • 75% of race network chairs said recent PR gesturing is meaningless if proper action is not taken.

Safe Space Plus was created to address these major issues. It aims to get senior representatives and a small group of ethnic minority employees together in a safe environment to have a structured, open conversation about race resulting in an actionable plan to move forward.

The Safe Space Plus Guide is split into 3 parts.

  1. Introduction to Safe Space Plus
  2. Guide for the Safe Space Plus Project Lead
  3. Resource guide

Major focuses of the guide are finding the right people to participate and creating a safe, constructive environment for these conversations to take place.

Check out the recording of our Safe Space ‘How to do it right’ Workshop HERE where the collaborators on the guide run through the steps and talk through important points to running the initiative effectively.


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