Trailblazer Judging Panellists help determine which organisations are making a meaningful impact.

The objective of this panel is based on their experience and expertise to acknowledge which organisations are making genuine and impactful inroads into tackling race inequality.

Trailblazers requires independent panel members. Can you help?

We ask for panel members to allow for up to 2 hours of time to review 5-10 applications over a 2 week period. This is done through an online form. 

There will also be an addition al (optional) opportunity to join fellow panellists in a discussion group to share thoughts and reviews and specifically discuss borderline applications. This discussion group would be a further 60-90 mins of your time and be carried out on Zoom.

Panel members can remain anonymous if desired.

Panellists Tell us Why they feel Trailblazers are Important

Aneeka Neehaul Said


“I think its really important as a benchmarking exercise to know where you are doing well, and where your chances for improvement could be. I like that it gets you to think about what you are doing in relation to EDI on quite a deep level, even when answering the questions, so it should be quite easy to see if you can answer them with confidence or not. This is already an indication of how well you are doing in relation to race equality.”

Mike fisher

“It shines a spotlight on a difficult conversations and it makes people think in terms of what can we do, what can organisations do. And it gives organisations things to strive for and personally if I’m looking for a next role one of the things I’ll be looking for is actually those organisations that have applied for it and it makes me a lot more aware about how seriously they are taking it….


It brings it to the spotlight, it starts the conversations, the difficult awkward conversation which I think is needed”

Narinder Garcha

It lets organisations celebrate achievements and share best practice. Acknowledgement of work undertaken and positive outcomes

Andre Johnsen shares what he liked about the applications

“It was very clear there was a plan and a clear intention behind that plan and the measures with every activity were really clear as well  the reasons why they were measuring and I think that is an important part of the puzzle that has often been missed.”

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