Here are TEN ways that you and your organisation can take part:

1. Sign up to Race Equality Matters

If you haven’t done this already, sign up to access resources and hear about the latest news and events HERE.

2. Encourage your colleagues to take part in the 5-Day Challenge

Built by the Race Equality Matters Community. There are DIFFERENT activities for all your colleagues to engage with each day of Race Equality Week – they include videos, articles, and activities to help your employees reflect and more importantly take action to drive Race Equality. Each activity is 5-minutes.

There are downloadable PDFS for each day that can be distributed to employees or access via your organisation’s employee portal.

Find out more HERE

3. Get everyone to make a commitment to drive the change we all want to see

As part of the 5-Day Challenge individuals  make a promise which is measurable and to which they will be held accountable to.

Participants choose from seven meaningful actions devised by our ethnic minority community. Use our new Big Promise tool and share the promises HERE

4. Enable brave conversations so your leaders can drive change

Bring those with lived experience together with senior leaders and drive meaningful change. Safe Space is a 2-hour facilitated dialogue between 3-5 exco members and up to 10 ethnic minority colleagues which results in action being taken. Download the Safe Space ‘How to do it Right Guide’ HERE.

5. Hear what your colleagues really think and feel

Hold organisation-wide themed discussions to enable courageous conversations. Hear the honest voices and feelings of your colleagues. The Tea Break, co-created with Network Rail’s Cultural Fusion Network, provides a framework for employees across your organisation to hear the honest voice and feelings of colleagues. Download the Tea Break ‘How to do it Right Guide’ HERE.

6. Ensure you and your colleagues get everyone’s name right

When you say people’s names right you make them feel accepted, included and that they belong.

#MyNameIs is a simple solution that helps everyone to feel included by normalising phonetic spelling.

Download the guide HERE.

7. Make everyone feel part of Race Equality Week

Distribute the virtual badge templates we have created:

  • Backgrounds for Zoom/ Microsoft Teams calls
  • Email footer template
  • Social media badge

Download the badges HERE

8. Join our virtual thought leadership events

Register for free and invite your networks, communities and colleagues to join as well – there are no geographical barriers.

Last year 95% of attendees said they would recommend our REW events.

Follow the link to our upcoming events HERE.

9. Implement #ItsNotMicro in your organisation

Sign your organisation up to our #ItsNotMicro solution and help allies become active by giving them the tools to call out microaggressions in the workplace.

83% of people experience microaggressions in the workplace but only 16% of microaggressions are called out in the workplace.

#ItsNotMicro will change that.

Learn more HERE

10. Hold your own thought-leadership events

Organise internal or public events with speakers or panel discussions during the week.

We can promote details of public events that support the drive for Race Equality in organisations.

Send the following details to by by 13 January 2024:

  1. Your company logo
  2. A short overview of the event (50 words maximum)
  3. Speakers
  4. Location
  5. Booking link

11. Promote your involvement with Race Equality Week

Promote your involvement on your website, social media channels and emails. The Participation Pack includes everything you need to promote your involvement with Race Equality Week.



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