Our Virtual Badge

Devised by the creator of the Green Ribbon Mental Health Campaign, join us in visible support for race equality by displaying our badge on your social media profiles and marketing materials.

The Case for the Race Equality Week Virtual Badge Campaign

We know the importance of people feeling united, and part of a movement that creates change.

That’s why we have developed the Race Equality Week virtual badge campaign.

We have the green ribbon for Mental Health Awareness.
We have the rainbow for Pride.
We have the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness.

But there isn’t one for race equality.

Now there is!



The virtual badge campaign enables individuals and organisations to publicly share their support for race equality before and during Race Equality Week.

By wearing/displaying the digital badge, you will be joining hundreds of thousands of others in:

  1. Creating a visible movement of support for race equality
  2. Showing ethnically diverse colleagues that they are not alone
  3. Demonstrating the level of support for race equality within your organisation
  4. Making a commitment to shift words to meaningful action to achieve race equality

Show your support with a Virtual Badge.

Login/register and then download and display, the:

  1. REW23 Logo
  2. Social Media Badge
  3. Virtual Background
  4. Email footer

These can be downloaded HERE

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