Race Equality Week Spotlight Organisations 2023

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Here are just a handful of organisations that are taking part in Race Equality Week 2023.

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Auto Trader

Why is Race Equality Week important? 


Nathan Coe, CEO, Auto Trader Group– “At Auto Trader, we see making a difference to our ethnically diverse colleagues as being a key strategic imperative. Not only does this ensure we provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to reach their full potential, but it allows us to unlock talent that may otherwise be missed. We hope that Race Equality Week this year will bring together committed organisations and inspiring individuals to build momentum and allow us to learn from and challenge each other to do more to remove the barriers to race equality in the workplace. #ItsEveryonesBusiness” 


Sophie Penrose, Service Improvement & Co-Lead BAME Network,  Auto Trader Group“As a black woman with a lived experience of racial inequality and the impacts of that, I think Race Equality Week is super important. Race Equality Week helps to continue the much needed work to educate, inspire and encourage individuals and businesses to take action to address racial equality barriers in the workplace, after all #ItsEveryonesBusiness.”


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved? 

The theme this year of #itseveryonesbusiness really rings true, as this is not something ethnically diverse people can tackle alone. Once we come together, it’s amazing what change can happen. That’s why active allyship and taking action is important. We need people to influence and drive change so that true inclusion in the workplace and the wider world becomes a reality. This year REM is running a five-day challenge with a different short activity each day for 5 days that takes 5 minutes. It’s really easy for organisations to share internally and get everyone involved.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

Here at Auto Trader we will be sharing the Five Day Challenge within the business and encouraging our colleagues to get involved. We had good engagement during last year’s REW, where we incorporated #Mynameis, so we’re hopeful it will have a good engagement this year too. We’re exploring other activities during the week that we will be releasing mid January. Our  motto is ‘quality over quantity’ and we will be looking at where we can provide opportunities and incorporate fresh perspectives to further build on the changes we want to see and create an environment that supports racial equality. 


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

We would like to see more people across the business get involved making a commitment towards active allyship. That commitment we hope will support great change over time. Real change happens when everyone comes together and we are using our voice and our activities to encourage this. It’s important to speak out and contribute to the conversations so that ethnically diverse colleagues and people feel supported and allies feel included. That is the way we will drive change.


Network Rail

Why Race Equality Week is important.  Why this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) is so important. 

Andrew Haines, chief executive at Network Rail – “Race Equality Week is an opportunity for each and every one of us to take time to reflect on our behaviours and our organisational and personal commitment to help create a more inclusive environment for everyone. The theme this year reinforces the role we all play in challenging ourselves and others to do more to stamp out racism when we see it. I really encourage you to get involved with Race Equality Week and consider what commitment you will make to drive forward positive change.”


Navleen Kalra, director of transformation and inclusion at Network Rail – “Race Equality Week is a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on the best practice in accelerating race equality across different sectors. At Network Rail, our Race Matters programme continues to work on how we recruit, progress, and retain more black, Asian and minority ethnic employees. I am passionate about transforming our organisation into a more inclusive place for everyone. I want Network Rail to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and can progress a fulfilling career without fear of harassment or unfair treatment. I am delighted that we are taking part in Race Equality Week 2023, and I encourage other organisations to get involved too.”


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

Lily Kitchen, Network Rail’s diversity and inclusion team  -“We’re delighted to be taking part in Race Equality Week 2023. During the week we will be promoting the #MyNameIs campaign, contributing to several of the Race Equality Network external events to share our best practice and learn from others, working with the wider rail sector to run an industry wide panel discussion and we’ll be encouraging colleagues to take part in the 5-day challenge. We promote race equality all year round, but Race Equality Week is a great opportunity to come together, reflect on the progress we’re making, and challenge ourselves to do better.” 




Why is Race Equality Week important? 

“Our lived experience of tackling racism in communities, society and our institutions is one in which race is constantly falling off the agenda, therefore the rights and duties hard won by our antiracist pioneers are being eroded. Performative responses to dealing with racism have resulted in a perpetual loop of one step forward and two steps back, hence we end up going backwards. 

BRIG used last year’s REW to consult on the “Birmingham Race Equality Manifesto,” which was adopted by political parties for the May local elections and is now anticipated to be adopted  Birmingham City Council and others.

Race Equality Week 2023 Spotlight organisation BRIG co founder Jagwant Johal

Jagwant Johal, BRIG Co-Founder -“REW provides an annual platform to assess and build on our actions for a just society, where we can all take both our individual and collective agency to make the difference required to move the race equality dial.”


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

Whether its “EveryonesBusiness” or everyone’s duty, it’s clear that without collective responsibility systemic racism in our society and its institutions will persist. For BRIG making race equality and equity “EveryonesBusiness” is more than just getting folk to pledge, but more importantly is to ensure the infrastructure and transparent accountability mechanisms are in place to audit intent translating into action, impact and change.  Experience shows that a danger in making it “EveryonesBusiness” can result in tackling racism becoming no one’s business. Hence, commitment needs to be demonstrated by cultural and systems change supported by the expertise this requires. 


What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week? 

BRIG is hosting a West Midlands Race Equality Week Networking Event on Friday, 10th February 2022: 4 – 7 p.m. at the Old Library, Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. B9 4AT. The event will launch our 2023 initiatives and new website, alongside celebrating the regional participation in Race Equality Week (REW) 2023. If you would like to share your activities at the regional REW networking event please get in touch –events@wearebrig.co.uk  

Eventbrite Link: https://brigraceequalityweek.eventbrite.co.uk


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

To create a space where the individual energy of those participating regionally in REW can be harnessed to create a movement that champions race equality and supporting those that do. 


NHS Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Why is Race Equality Week  important? 

Race Equality Week 2023 spotlight organisation. Tina Thompson, Learning and Development Project Lead NHS Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Tina Thompson, Learning and Development Project Lead“Race inequality continues to pervade our society and its organisations.  We can see that in outcomes for NHS patients and in the experiences of our diverse staff.  While some real progress is being made, Race Equality Week is a focal point in the year to raise awareness, uplift marginalised voices, evaluate and celebrate progress, and have an honest conversation about what needs to be done.  The fact that so many organisations take part in Race Equality Week helps us to share and learn from each other and build a critical mass in striving for equity for all. This is personally important to me as someone with direct experience of race discrimination.  By taking part in REW our Trust can help make things better for my children’s generation. ”


Caroline Wade, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development -“We want all our colleagues and patients to feel safe, heard and included. REW is a brilliant opportunity for us to increase the pace and impact of our work by reaching out into our workforce and community.” 


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved? 

The theme of #itsEveryonesBusiness resonates strongly with us at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.  We know that we can only achieve race equity if everyone feels invested and included.  Our focus will be on visible leadership, active allyship, empowerment in speaking up.  We’ll be inviting our colleagues around the Trust to join The Big Promise initiative which we’ll display on a big screen in our main entrance and elsewhere.  We have begun work on an anti-racism strategy and will be engaging in a wide-ranging employee engagement exercise so every area in our Trust has a sense of ownership and accountability.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

We have developed a 2-hour session on “Understanding & Talking About Race” which we are continuing to roll out across the Trust.  As REW approaches, we will be increasing the number of sessions offered and inviting participants to join in The Big Promise, as well as our senior leaders across the Trust.  We have the outline of our anti-racism strategy and will be launching our wider employee engagement activities.  On the big screen we will be posting our colleagues’ views on what racial equality would mean for them at Chesterfield Royal.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

Becoming an actively anti-racist organisation and increasing race equity is a long-term commitment and, for us, this starts with a bold and courageous conversation across the organisation.  With clear and visible commitments from our leaders and an invitation to all staff to participate, we want to build momentum for demonstrable change.  Measurable improvements may take some time but we think an immediate impact will be an increase confidence and competence in tackling race inequality and a safer and more inclusive environment for our staff and patients.

Cranfield University

Why is Race Equality Week important?

Naomi Benjamin  – Acting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Manager HR

“REW matters because it is shining the light on the importance of race equality in the workplace. It’s providing a platform for organisations to start and continue the work, who may have not known how and where to start.  For Cranfield University we know that we need to do more work around race equality. REM and REW week have allowed us to focus our EDI activity on race and open the discussion. It allows organisations to think about their culture and the activity and actions they are taking around race equality.” 

What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

Our plans for REW will include A hybrid meeting presenting Dr Deirdre Anderson’s research “Navigating barriers to senior leadership for people from minority ethnic groups in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies.” On Wednesday 8th Feb 2023, we will launch a #Mynameis campaign to be shared the week before REW to encourage staff to implement it on their email signature along with sharing on socials #MyNameIs – Race Equality Matters and the 5-day challenge which will  be shared amongst staff on our Facebook page. We will also share staff spotlights (ethnic minority staff) and pledges across the week.

What does your organisation hope to achieve as a result?

Cranfield hopes to start a positive but impactful conversation around race equality across the whole organisation. We want to raise awareness of our race and ethnicity staff network ‘EmbRace’ and engage staff across the university in understanding how they can get involved and how race equality is achieved by everyone taking part. As a university we don’t want the progression of race equality just to be the responsibility of those in our staff network and those who identify as being part of an ethnic minority. 

Why is this year’s theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important?

Everyone’s business means that we can progress race equality and it’s about this being done by the many and not by the few.  We have done lots of talking in the diversity and inclusion space for a long time and we now need to ensure there is action. The conversation is important but if nothing is being done off the back of that then it is a baseless activity. 


Why Race Equality Week is important

dhOne is the Multicultural Network at dunnhumby, made up of colleagues from all senior levels and from diverse backgrounds. For us, Race Equality Week is an opportunity to celebrate diversity and educate (ourselves and everyone in the organisation) about the contributions that people from diverse backgrounds have made to society.

At dunnhumby we are building a culture of belonging, where everyone can be their true self at work. Race Equality Week is another opportunity to create open dialogue because diversity and representation are critical every day.


Why this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) is so important and how can organisations can get everyone involved.

Racial and cultural diversity is, indeed, everyone’s business. It’s well known that diverse companies perform better but diversity rarely happens unless organisations make a conscious effort to pursue it in every space possible. By making conversations about race everyone’s business, we all have a better chance of embedding our culture of belonging.

 At dunnhumby, we strive to get everyone involved by:

  • Making our teams safe spaces where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.
  • Running global diversity training for every individual in the business – and allowing time for every person to do the training.
  • Having a multicultural network, dh One, that takes the lead on activities around diversity, inclusion, allyship and much more.
  • Making race conversations via events that involve comedy, entertainment, food and fun team activities, so that people feel confident in being active, anti-racist allies.


Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week. 

  • Promote the REM 5 days challenge as an impactful and accessible way to learn more about race and reflect on your own privilege and experiences.
  • Internal dunnhumby event to bring people together to discuss race in a safe space. This session will be centred around comedy/entertainment to get everyone involved with food from different cultures to share the richness of different backgrounds represented at dunnhumby. The event will provide a natural opportunity for networking and we hope to encourage attendance from all levels of the business
  • Sharing blogs and stories about Race Equality Week both internally and on our socials.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

  • Build visibility and support for our multicultural network.
  • Create a networking opportunity for everyone in the organisation.
  • Raise awareness and create commitment for action.
  • Promote safe spaces and open conversations about race.




Lincolnshire County Council

Why is Race Equality Week is important? 

Race Equality Week 2023 Spotlight organisation Linconshire County Council Glen Garrod

Glen Garrod, Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing -“Race equality week gives Lincolnshire County Council the opportunity to focus colleagues attention on the diversity in our workforce and in our communities.  Not everyone will feel that they experience equality at work or in their day to day lives due to their race or ethnicity. By increasing the focus through events such as these, we are able to start new conversations, increase awareness, to then challenge and change behaviours and assumptions.”  


“Working in an organisation that values Race Equality gives me confidence in the knowledge that I can safely speak up if needed, that my diversity is valued, and it gives me a sense of belonging somewhere that acknowledges my rights and my heritage. With management support I am proud to be part of the change to any negative narrative around ethnic minorities. This says to me that I matter.”

Kim Khajehnoori  (pronounced ha – je – noo – ree), PA to Elected Councillors and Co-Chair of Identify Staff Network


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

We have a dedicated staff network team and other individuals here at the Council who are passionate about the race equality agenda. However, we can only change the experience of colleagues across the organisation if all our leaders and colleagues see how their words and actions can make this a truly inclusive place for both colleagues and the communities we serve.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

The BAME Staff network (Identify) will be promoting the short sessions organised by Race Equality Matters. These are on Zoom, approximately 45 mins each & free to attend. There will be information shared & the opportunity to meet online a variety of staff, EDI Leads and Management during Race Equality Week. Identify will also host an online lunchtime ‘Meet & Greet & I like to Eat’ session; an idea sharing conversation around foods from diverse backgrounds & allies around the subject.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

The ultimate goal is to change any negative experiences of our colleagues from different ethnic backgrounds, and to build a sense of belonging so they can flourish and continue to help us support the people of Lincolnshire. The things we do are varied but they all revolve around relationships and engaging people from different backgrounds, beliefs, wants and needs. This alone is a very good reason for being strong in being people focused, valuing difference and supporting diversity.

Merseyside Police

Why Race Equality Week is important. 


T/Ch. Insp. Rob Budden – Chair of FORE (Focus on Race and Ethnicity) Staff Support Network – “Within global society the roots of racial discrimination and intolerance can run deep. Progress has varied over the years, but social, economic and other indicators consistently report that racial inequalities and reduced access to opportunities are determined by racial and ethnic background. 

These inequalities play out in society and so in policing. They can affect external and internal work carried out by the organisation. The richness that racial and ethnic diversity brings cannot be overstated but to benefit from this we need to engage with and understand it. We then need to apply this in activity ranging from Community Engagement and the Police Race Action Plan. 

As the Chair of Merseyside Police FORE (Focus on Race and Ethnicity) Network  I would ask colleagues to take a positive stand on racial and ethnic diversity and make their own contribution to helping ensure the behaviours and values Race Equality Week encourages are applied in all aspects of delivering Community First.” 

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

Inclusion is a force priority for Merseyside Police – the theme #ItsEveryonesBusiness is so important to ensure that Race Equality doesn’t just sit with the Inclusion, Engagement and Wellbeing Team and Staff Networks of Merseyside Police.

It is vital that all officers and staff ensure they are committed to Race Equality and listen and make change, only by listening and understanding lived experiences can we address the challenges faced and make policing a more inclusive service where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

We are currently in the planning stages for Race Equality Week but one of the focuses of the week will be working with the News & Communications Team, the Inclusion Engagement and Wellbeing Team and the FORE (Focus on Race and Ethnicity) Staff Network to promote #MyNameIs – we will work with officers and staff to identify officers and staff to share their name, including phonetic spelling, the heritage and pride behind it and the correct pronunciation of it.

We will be holding a Tea Break to discuss #Mynameis and the impact getting it wrong can have on individuals.

We will also ensure the virtual seminars hosted by Race Equality Matters are promoted to encourage attendance.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

Throughout this week, we aim to;

  • Network and engage with officers and staff across the organisation to address barriers to race equality in the workplace.
  • Provide understanding and highlight the importance of the Police Race Action Plan (which sets out changes across policing to improve outcomes for Black people who work within or interact with policing), to officers and staff and highlight the importance of it.
  • Encourage discussion around the importance of a persons name and their heritage – and the affect this can have if continually incorrect.
  • Promote the Inclusion Engagement and Wellbeing Outreach Team, who provide positive action support to those who are looking to join Merseyside Police whether as a Police Officer or Staff Member and recognise us as an employer of choice.



Why is Race Equality Week important?

At NCVO, we believe Race Equality Week is important to raise awareness for racial equality
and the impact race has on an individual’s lived experiences at the workplace. Through
participating in Race Equality Week, we as an organisation can put into action
support for racial justice work by supporting and highlighting key issues that impact
colleagues from a BAME* background.

While one week of action doesn’t conclude an organisation’s work, it shows our
commitment to being an anti-racist organisation that supports and values our employees,
recognising the importance of having a diverse workforce in order to create a more inclusive

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

We know that ethnic diversity in the voluntary sector workforce is low and therefore
it is extremely important for the voluntary sector to get involved with Race Equality Week and
address to this gap. The responsibility of creating an equal and fair workplace belongs to
everyone, irrespective of background. By focusing on #ItsEveryonesBusiness this year, we
want everyone in our organisation involved in creating the culture change needed to be an
equitable and inclusive workspace. Through holding discussion forums for colleagues to
listen and learn from one another, share learning, and read biographies of activists, organisations
can start to equip themselves to be anti-racist and commit themselves to pursue racial
equality in the workplace beyond this one week.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

We plan to host events that raise awareness about racial equality and share our
learning both internally and externally. One event we are planning is a ‘Lunch and
Learn’ session with an external speaker who will educate NCVO staff more fully on
the history of NCVO within the black voluntary sector, bringing staff together to
listen and engage about how NCVO historically played a role in addressing racial
equality and how we can continue supporting these organisations. We think this will be a
powerful tool for our staff. Our leadership team are planning what they would like to
do as a collective, they believe it imperative to have a role in reinforcing the message
that #ItsEveryonesBusiness.

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality
Week and beyond?

We at NCVO want to show our commitment to being an anti-racist organisation ensuring our staff
feel included, valued, and respected. We hope that through raising awareness about Race Equality
Week and facilitating learning and discussion sessions, all staff will gain and develop their
understanding of the challenges and experiences their BAME* colleagues face. We hope it will
encourage staff to commit themselves to be actively anti-racist and allow everyone to feel
empowered in creating a workplace where everybody can bring their whole selves to work. We also
aim to highlight that, this week although important, is not the end of our journey, but a show of our
commitment to being an anti-racist organisation every day.


Newham Council

Why is Race Equality Week important? 

Our work to tackle racism and inequality is not confined to one week but Race Equality Week is a milestone in the calendar which unites organisations and provides a necessary focus on the work needed to tackle race inequality.


Glennette and Manjit, co-chairs of Newham’s Race Equality Staff Forum -“Race equality week is important because it creates an opportunity for us all to stop, share and learn about each other and our cultural differences.  It is also a reminder of the importance of safe spaces for us to explore and share our lived experiences and challenge preconceptions, barriers and myths about race, culture and skin colour.”



Race Equality Week 2023 Spotlight organisation Newham Council Interim Chief Executive

Interim Chief Executive of Newham Council, Colin Ansell“Race Equality Week allows us to assert our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organisation. This year over 1800 of our staff attended anti-racism workshops including all of the senior leadership team. We also keep the conversation relevant outside of the Council and emphasise our wish to bring about change through action.  As Chief Executive, I want our organisation to lead the way, creating a genuinely anti-racist and inclusive organisation that is embodied in every interaction we have with residents. This has been and will continue to be one of my most important priorities.”


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved? 

#ItsEveryonesBusiness is important as it emphasises the collective responsibility needed to tackle issues of racism and inequality. It can’t just sit with EDI teams or people with lived experience, but it needs to be embedded into the fabric of organisations – right from the top of the organisation.

Race Equality Week enables the conversation and provides organisations at all stages of their journey to ignite change. From listening to colleagues, creating safe spaces to voice concerns, or making and re-affirming commitments, Race Equality Week provides the necessary spotlight for a conversation which goes beyond the week.

It is also an important time for others to reflect on what they need to do to be active allies.  Being non-racist is not enough. Being anti-racist is what we need.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week? 

Building on our activity last year, we want to:

  • Hold Directorate Sessions to hear from staff and see how actions are being embedded
  • Launch of our guide focused on Talking about Race and Ethnicity
  • Celebrate staff that have taken action to make change
  • Facilitate open discussions led by our Race Equality Staff Forum

We also want to use this week as an opportunity to cast a spotlight on partner organisations within the borough who are doing great work to tackle racial inequality within their organisations.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond? 

Our plans for Race Equality Week consist of looking to embed activity around Race Equality, creating spaces for discussion and working with partners to create a shared vision and ambition on tackling racial inequality within the borough.

As well as launching a guide focused on Talking about Race and Ethnicity, we also want to work with our directorates to develop commitments around TRID which become part of business as usual. Ensuring the work around TRID does not just sit as a standalone thought, but is seen as consideration in all aspects of the organisation is key.


Why is Race Equality Week important? 

“Racial inequality has been an issue within the UK for a number of decades, however since the death of George Floyd in May 2020 in the United States, the need for global action has been amplified. His death has promoted the dialogue of difficult and uncomfortable conversations everywhere and this places responsibility on individuals, positions of leadership and organisations to take action and make real change.

The UK has a vibrant culture and it’s important for us to acknowledge this. Yet, everyday racism is still experienced by ethnic minorities in every sector of life and society. Race Equality Week gives the UK an opportunity to acknowledge the pressure and value ethnic minorities face in more than a single awareness event such as Black History Month, Islamophobia Month or Black Pride. For us it is an opportunity to continue our work ensuring everyone coming into contact with POhWER is treated with dignity and respect. 

As a Charity POhWER are committed to doing the work, having the uneasy conversations and progressing racial equity which includes safeguarding our workforce and beneficiaries to keep them free from harm and abuse in our workplace. We continue to actively identify where barriers to equality exist, analyse why and dismantle systems which are unfair or bar access to equal opportunity. Our anti-racism journey continues.”

Helen Moulinos, POhWER Chief Executive

Race Equality Week 2023 Spotlight organisation POhWER

Edna Oni, Chair of POhWER’s Anti-Racism Staff Network Group (Empohwerace) and Rhyana Ebanks-Babb, POhWER EDI Manager

To read more about our work at POhWER:

Our Impact: https://www.pohwer.net/our-impact

Our EDI Strategy & Plan: https://www.pohwer.net/edi

Our Anti-Racism Journey: https://www.pohwer.net/Blog/embracing-anti-racism


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved? 

Racism impacts everyone, people who experience it, people who witness it, people who support others to seek and gain justice from it, people who provide the tools to educate others on it. These racial incidents impact people within workplaces, communities, schools and various places: therefore it is everyones business. Racial equity cannot be achieved if action is only taken by a select few individuals such as race network leads, equality departments, a few in positions of leadership and those who experience racial injustice – it is everyone’s business to address in order for real and impactful change to take place. In order to address systemic racism, every institution must actively engage in antiracist practice, education and with behaviours in order to move the needle forward in every area and sector within our society.


What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week? 

  • Running a tea break session held by an external person with lived experience 
  • Using and engaging with the Race Equality Matters 5 day challenge guide
  • Engaging in conversations within and across the charity 
  • Sharing the stories and perspectives of our staff and beneficiaries 
  • Awareness raising communications throughout the week via a blog, podcast and social media posts 


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

  • Greater understanding of anti-racism and active allyship in action to support colleagues and beneficiaries 
  • Link to our ongoing journey to becoming an antiracist charity in line with our EDI strategy and plan through training, education, listening and implementation of what we have learnt through practice
  • Allow this to be the opening for healthy conversation about how to deal with racism within our charity and sector 



Why Race Equality Week is important?

Rippon Ubhi, General Manager Specialty Care UK & Ireland-

“REW is important because it matters!  It matters especially to people who have different accents, different skin colour, different dress wear… and the list goes on.  Being different is beautiful and here at SANOFI we take pride in embracing the differences and not fighting them. The more we get involved in this space, the louder the voice becomes and with one loud voice comes positive change!” 


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

It is important to get everyone’s buy in because racism is a pervasive problem that affects all members of society, regardless of whether they are directly targeted. Racism creates divisions among people and undermines social cohesion, which can have negative impacts on communities and the overall well-being of society. In addition, racism often leads to discrimination of certain groups of people, which is fundamentally unfair. 

Organisation can leverage leadership, sponsorship and allies’ championship to make more people aware of race equality.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

  • Attending webinars organised by REM 
  • The 5 day challenge 
  • Inclusive Employers – Challenging Conversations Workshop for ERG leads


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

We are building a culture at Sanofi where everyone can be the best version of themselves. By taking part in REW, we hope to continue our appreciation and celebration of different cultures and heritages at Sanofi. Encouraged by John Amaechi’s quote “Culture is the accumulation of millions of choices made by EACH colleague”, this year we would like to explore what buy-in looks like from leadership and allies, and in turn recognise how race equality is IN FACT everyone’s business.


Why is Race Equality Week important?

“Race Equality Week is a perfect time to reflect not only our progress, but on what more we can do to tackle racial prejudice and inequality, both individually and as an industry. As a project and as individuals, we have undertaken a commitment to educate ourselves about issues around race, with our colleagues, in our communities, and wider society.”

Andy Mitchell, Tideway CEO

“As someone of Indian heritage, Race Equality Week is important as a way for our existence to be acknowledged and recognised that we belong, by celebrating that there are people of different ethnicities, life experiences, and perspectives not just in the workplace but wider society. Talking about race and ethnicity doesn’t have to be scary, you just have to begin, and will probably make mistakes along the way.”

Hetal Gandhi, HR Generalist

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

This year’s theme #ItsEveryonesBusiness emphasises how important it is for companies to follow words and gestures with actions. Since 2019, Tideway has been a signatory of the Race at Work Charter, committing to five key principles to address barriers to recruitment and progression. We have appointed an Executive Sponsor for Race and maintain our zero-tolerance policy toward harassment and bullying. Through our Encompass Network, with speakers and workshops, supporting the #MyNameIs campaign, the introduction of Inclusivity Champions, line management training, and publishing of ethnicity pay gap data, we offer opportunities year-round to engage our staff and wider workforce across the project. 

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

Tideway has participated in Race Equality Week since its inception and will again mark the week through our external communications channels and staff-wide internal newsletter. 

Our Race Equality Group, open to staff across our 24 construction sites offering a safe space for discussion, will meet during the week and we’ll be promoting the 5-Day challenge.  We’re also aiming to host another Race Conversation guest speaker to address staff which previously has included such names as Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga. 

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

At Tideway, we want people to bring their whole selves to work. We believe that companies that are diverse in age, ethnicity, gender identity, race, sexual orientation and physical or mental ability are absolutely better places to work. We’re proud that the work our Encompass Network does, and those of similar groups among our Main Works Contractor partners, is helping to make the construction industry more welcoming to people who may not have seen it as an option before.


Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Why is Race Equality Week important?

Meera Nair, Chief People Officer LGT

“The boroughs that we serve, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley are among the most diverse boroughs in the UK. As an NHS Trust, a central part of our mission is to make sure that we represent the diversity of our boroughs in our workplace. As one of the largest employers in south east London, we recognise that we have the scale and potential to offer employment opportunities to a wide range of people, and the responsibility to lead by example. I believe Race Equality Week is hugely important in helping us achieve that. It provides an opportunity for us organisations of all sizes to demonstrate, publicly, that we are committed to addressing the barriers to race equality in the workplace and in our communities. At Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, we are proud to add our weight to the campaign, and demonstrate our full commitment to it.”

Melissa Baptiste, EDI Project Officer, LGT

“For colleagues and I who share similar lived experiences and understand first-hand the detriment of race inequality – especially at work – Race Equality Week is a valuable opportunity to have challenging conversations that gets everyone onboard. It is important that we all feel welcome and included and this happens where the whole workforce comes together to commit to being actively anti-racist.”

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

Tackling race inequality cannot be done individually. We are more powerful when using our collective voice to make effective change and ensure that #itsEveryonesBusiness to take appropriate and affirmative action. Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust are invested in providing a platform to empower, encourage and educate to ensure our working environment and patient service is inclusive and equal. We have the full support of our executive team and senior leaders who encourage active participation and allyship throughout the Trust.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?
For Race Equality Week 2023, we will be taking part in the 5 Day Challenge. It is a great way to engage with our colleagues and ensure a Trust wide commitment to The Big Promise. Alongside the challenge, we will be extending and boosting the #MyNameIs initiative to provide new members of staff with a chance to learn more and take part. Lastly, we will be delivering webinars on Freedom to Speak Up, Allyship & Active Bystander training.

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

The Trust aims to encourage and promote allyship by disrupting any inequality to ensure that we are actively providing a safe working environment that is free from discrimination for all our staff, as well as our patients. We are committed to building visibility and improving the representation of staff from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority backgrounds, and other minority groups at senior levels. Our EDI programmes of work including Equality Advocates in recruitment, Reverse Mentoring, Career Coaching and the national NHS metrics such as Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) have enabled out Trust to make great strides toward Race equality.


Natalie Rose, Corporate HSS Manager and Co-Chair of the Reach Network


Why Race Equality Week is important?

A glimpse back of recent headlines over the last few months is a stark reminder of how racial inequality is manifested and embedded in everyday life. But it is not just the headlines we hear about but microaggressions which people experience each day. 

Without wanting to sound like a broken record: we have made progress on the journey to changing society however there is so much more to do. And that is why Race Equality Week (REW) is such an important point in the year – because it is an opportunity to reflect on achievements and drive action to remove even more barriers, which is happening just too slowly. REW renews our resolve to focus on the challenges and push down the accelerator.

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

Two years on from the first REW the momentum is simply astonishing. The numbers of organisations involved is ballooning and this underpins just why REW 2023 is so important. There are a number of practical ways for organisations to get involved such as holding events during REW and promoting #ItsEveryonesBusiness through the 5-Day Challenge which are different activities for colleagues to engage with, ensuring there is something everyone can participate in. The ‘Big Promise’ is an excellent way to allow individuals to formalise their commitment by turning words into actions.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

At HS2 for REW, we plan to hold a round-table discussion on inclusivity in collaboration with our supply chain, with speakers sharing what they have done to drive the race equality agenda. 

We plan to adopt the 5-Day Challenge, encouraging staff from across the organisation (including SLT) to undertake 5 different activities to help reflect on actions that can drive race equality. We’ll be asking staff to:

  • make their “big promise” 
  • use this as their EDI objective for 2023/24
  • record their promise so we can create a video montage

We will also re-launch the “MyNameIs” campaign company wide.

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

REW as the catalyst for ongoing change, will provide our network, members, SLT and colleagues across the organisation with the momentum to drive forward their ‘big promises’ throughout the year ahead.  We can all make a difference in our own unique way. 

REW will serve as a moment of reflection, allowing us to focus on areas, where we plan to effect change.  Hopefully this can be achieved across the organisation from our recruitment processes, company policy, to employee engagement and experience.  We shall continue to engage with and grow our membership and raise awareness of the topics that matter. 


Croydon Council

Why Race Equality Week is important?

Elaine Jackson – Assistant CEO Croydon Council.

“We are in our 3rd year of celebrating Race Equality Week at Croydon Council; it is firmly embedded in our cultural calendar. It’s an opportunity for Leadership to collaborate with the Race Equality Network and other minoritized staff members at events which facilitate learning and understanding.  and generate a buzz of positive energy. Senior Leaders will be taking part in the 5-day Challenge, and we have some announcements on day 4 – anti racism day and day 5 the Big Promise that will demonstrate that Race is everyone’s business. As a leader and an Ally, I learn during the week by having more time to focus, listen and understand the lived experience of minoritized staff.   I feel privileged to be part of this.”

Denise Malcolm – Senior Communications Officer Public Health (Lived experience)

“Race Equality Week places an important spotlight on the experiences of people from the Global Majority in Croydon. It’s an opportunity for council staff and others to hear about the strategic direction the organisation is taking regarding race and equalities. I am looking forward to the announcements during the five-day challenge. My hope is that we all learn from and take action during these awareness days and embed this in everything we do each day.”

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

It’s everyone’s business attests the importance of working together to create a more racially sensitive and inclusive place work environment that encourages staff to learn, reflect, grow and bond in a meaningful manner. This includes both racialized staff and allies. Race Equality at work should not be the remit of those with lived experience of discrimination to address. Race Equality should be an organisational responsibility and the remit of Leadership and Allies with those with lived experience adding meaning and clarifying issues rather than having to drive the race an agenda whilst potentially suffering from racial trauma.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

We are taking part in the 5-day challenge so have a learning event every day. Our REN network are promoting two events: a workshop on the Menopause, along with a presentation from one of our partners the BME forum on the Black Mental Health Improvement Programme. On day 4 anti-racist day our CEO and Political Leadership will be delivering a communications message outlining our proposals for becoming an anti-racist organisation. This will include timelines and our implementation plans. We are also looking forward to the Big Promise and making this an everyone’s business event by seeking commitments from leaders, racialised staff and allies.  We are also having an event for our community partners who have committed to Croydon’s Equality Pledge and our George Floyd Race Matters Pledge.

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

The objective of our weeklong participation is to foster organisational learning about race to all staff to ensure that it is indeed everyone’s business. We are also seeking to ensure that staff members can see our organisational commitment towards race equality and be sighted on the steps that we are taking. We hope that both racialized groups and allies will be delighted to see that we are progressing with our commitment towards becoming an anti-racist organisation. which is backed by action and not just words. We want our staff with lived experience to feel heard and seen, equally we want our staff allies to feel included in being a part of much needed change within the organisation.


Green Park

Why is Race Equality Week important? 
Raj Tulsiani, Founder and CEO, Green park and Co-founder of Race Equality Matters

“As a minority-owned business, anti-racism is a part of our roots and the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion has been at the heart of Green Park since we were founded in 2006. That is why in 2020, Green Park co-founded Race Equality Matters. Our mission was to help organisations and individuals turn declarations of commitment and support into meaningful action for greater race equality in the workplace and across society. To that end, in 2021, we launched the UK’s first ever Race Equality Week, a week where employers and workforces across the country could unite in activity to drive inclusion and equality throughout their businesses.

Now entering our third Race Equality Week we are delighted to see so many taking part and leveraging its platform to publicly commit to action, be it through The Big Promise or the roll-out inclusive initiatives such as #MyNameIs.

Through Green Park’s talent acquisition and organisational consultancy services, we are proud to be driving tangible change across the corporate sector for greater equity, diversity & Inclusion (EDI). However, powering Race Equality Week provides us with an opportunity to build momentum and accelerate this progress across the UK, with over 3,500 organisations taking part in 2022 –  a number we look forward to building on in 2023.”


Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved? 

Despite a lot of talk around their commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), many businesses are failing to tackle race inequality at the pace that their shareholder, employee and customer stakeholder groups would like. The Green Park Business Leaders Index, an analysis of the diversity composition of FTSE leadership, shows a lack of progress in increasing ethnic minority representation at C-Suite level. Reflecting this, original research conducted by Race Equality Matters, demonstrates the disillusion of ethnic minority employees who feel their organisations don’t understand what ethnic minority colleagues really want or require.

Our work with organisations across the private, public and third sectors shows us that many businesses genuinely want to make a difference, but too many don’t know how. One of the most common mistakes we see is that the DEI agenda is allocated to a specific department or individual to drive, often a HR or Diversity function with limited reach, resource or influence. Even worse, the onus on developing solutions or educating the wider business on race related issues is left to ethnic minority employees or network groups. The fact is that to achieve real change, DEI needs to be more than an agenda. It needs to be woven into every part of the organisations culture until it is part of their DNA, until #ItsEveryonesBusiness.

Simple ways that organisations can get involved include:

  • Taking part in the Virtual Badge Campaign and displaying our badge on your social media profiles and marketing materials.
  • Making a public commitment to action not just words through The Big Promise.
  • Taking part in the 5 Day Challenge by completing a 5 minute challenge every day for five days.
  • Joining Green Park’s virtual showcase, Inclusive Leadership: Building Cultural Connections. The one-hour session will take place at 11am on Thursday 9th February, and will be a taster of the extensive Inclusive Leadership Programmes developed by our DICE Consultancy Practice. The showcase will aim to empower leaders to build stronger cultural connections with their teams and drive greater accountability for positive change that promotes racial equality within their own workplaces. And, supporting the theme #ItsEveryonesBusiness, it is open to everyone and completely free to join. To register, click here.
What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

As co-founders of Race Equality Matters, Green Park are proud to power Race Equality Week 2023.

Our employees have already taken part in The Big Promise with over 226 promises made overall. These are being displayed in the office and we will be asking all employees to share them publicly during Race Equality Week, as well as sharing them on our own channels. Additionally, we will be asking our wider network, including clients and candidates, to make their own Big Promise and to take part in Race Equality Week’s events and activity. We shall also follow up throughout the year, providing support from our dedicated Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics team to help our employees and wider network to achieve their Big Promises, ensuring that our focus remains on actions not words.

During Race Equality Week, and as part of our own Big Promise to drive equality and inclusion across UK workplaces, our market leading Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics (DICE) team will be holding a free virtual showcase on Inclusive Leadership: Building Cultural Connections.

Supporting the Race Equality Week theme #ItsEveryonesBusiness, the session will be free to attend and is open to any business or individual wanting to join.

Taking place at 11am on Thursday 9th February, the one-hour session will be a taster of the extensive Inclusive Leadership Programmes developed by our DICE Consultancy Practice. The aim will be to empower leaders to build stronger cultural connections with their teams and drive greater accountability for positive change that promotes racial equality within their own workplaces.

It will be led by Green Park’s Managing Partner, Jo Heath, an experience Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) auditor, specialising in Human Rights, Equality Law and Cultural Change.  For more information and to register, click here.

We will also hold an internal EDI training session to support Green Park employees to promote equality and inclusion within our own business. This will be followed up throughout the year with other on-going programmes of work to promote equitable working practices.


What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

A global talent advisory firm, Green Park has been championing diversity & inclusion since day one and actively advocating for visible and authentic minority leadership talent. Over 35% of our executive search placements are leaders from an ethnic minority background and our DICE experts have trained over 1600 leaders in Inclusive Leadership Capabilities. Through Race Equality Week we are able to accelerate the progress we are making, and help more and more people build sustainable, equitable workplace cultures that support diverse talent to thrive.

Our employees have made over 226 Big Promises, including 33 promises to call out racism and microaggressions, 30 promises to take action beyond just talking about race inequality, 27 promises to learn and proactively act anti racist and an additional 27 promises to expand and diversify our networks with people from other backgrounds in both in a professional and personal capacity.

Throughout Race Equality Week we also hope to encourage and support our candidates, clients and wider networks to take their own steps towards meaningful change for race equality, multiplying our impact and helping the organisations we serve become more inclusive and equitable too.

Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust

Why is Race Equality Week important?

Michelle Gabriel – Director of People 

“With 750 staff based in 7 schools in East Birmingham, we know that our staffing makeup is diverse.  However, that doesn’t mean that staff necessarily feel like they belong.  Race Equality Week is the perfect opportunity for our group of schools to further embed our strategic objective of embedding a culture of inclusion, that enables all staff to be treated fairly and feel like they belong, regardless of protected characteristics.”

Christine Knight – People Manager

“Race Equality is about being seen, heard and respected. Being afforded equal opportunities for growth and development by removing any barriers preventing an inclusive environment at work.”

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme (#ItsEveryonesBusiness) so important and how can organisations get everyone involved?

Ensuring staff feel like they can genuinely be themselves in the workplace goes hand in hand with positive staff wellbeing and impacts significantly on the quality of education we deliver to our young people.   This year’s theme helps illustrate that regardless of your role or ethnicity in our organisation, you have a part to play in creating and embedding that culture of inclusion amongst fellow staff.

What are Your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week?

Opening Event – Signposting staff to the talk from the Race Equality Matters’ co-founders Raj Tulsiani and Javed Thomas as well as other expert speakers who are making an impact when it comes to Race Equality.

DAY 1 – Headline – What is a microaggression and why they do not support an inclusive culture

SharePoint link to watch a 2-minute video on microaggressions

Which can be linked backed to the ED&I training rolled out to staff and the IDEA acronym, especially emphasising the collective responsibility of staff to “address not avoid issues”.

DAY 2 – Launch of the #mynameiscampaign

Volunteers from our schools who regularly have their names mispronounced, explain honestly how this impacts on them and how they feel when people actually get their names right.  This will be used to launch the campaign and to encourage as many people as possible to put the phonetic pronunciation of their names in their email footers, in classrooms if they are teaching and also to consider using these on registers for pupils so that staff have a better chance of getting their names right.

DAY 3 – Headline– You may not be racist but are you anti racist. There’s a big difference

REM eye opener question/video and suggested individual action to take (5 ½ minutes)

A short video will be shared from the BBC Bitesize website called – So, what is the difference between being ‘not racist’ and ‘anti-racist’, and what is the impact?  www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zs9n2v4

DAY 4  – Headline – What does Race Equality mean to you?

  • Short pulse survey for staff to comment
  • We will publish key themes using word cloud and listening sessions to flesh out areas and map out meaningful actions.
  • Check key themes against ED&I strategy/action plan to ensure any areas of concern are addressed via training and/or SharePoint communication

DAY 5 – Commitment to action

Individuals, colleagues and employers will make a public commitment, which is measurable and to which they will be held accountable, to support an inclusive culture.

They will have a set of 7 promises to choose from e.g., a promise to call out microaggressions – see pages 10/11 of attached Big Promise document

A new strategic group comprising senior leaders and trustees will consider how to make an anti racist pledge based partly on ideas within the Big Promise.

What does your organisation want to achieve as a result of its activity during Race Equality Week and beyond?

To further embed the meaning of and negative impact that microaggressions can have on staff wellbeing and on our workplace culture.  This build on workshops delivered by the CEO and Director of People over the last 12 months.

To demonstrate the positive impact that getting somebody’s name right at work can have on culture and wellbeing of staff, helping to build belonging via the #myname is campaign.

To introduce the concept of being an anti-racist organisation and give colleagues a chance to make a small personal change that supports a more inclusive workplace.



Cost: Free
Criteria: Your involvement

Please register your interest to be kept informed, be part of the movement, access the tools and support and help make the change we are all striving for.


VIRTUAL EVENT: Safe Space How to Do it Right Workshop 22 June 12.30-13.45

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