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Be part of the world’s biggest race equality reciprocal mentoring forum with the REM community!


A unique and powerful perspective – insight you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Be part of the world’s biggest reciprocal mentoring forum with the REM community!

We know that leadership buy-in, commitment, and drive are crucial to tackling inequality in the workplace, especially racial inequality.

Without it, it won’t happen.

This event will be the first of its kind.

We are bringing together hundreds of leaders and changemakers from across sectors.

Register today and share this event with leaders and changemakers in your organisation.

How Will It Work?

At this virtual event:

  1. Leaders with influence will share:

-How they are tackling race inequality in their organisations.

-Top career tips to get to leadership roles.

2. Changemakers will share:

-What leaders can do tackle race inequality.

What Are The Benefits?

Leaders will:

– Meet like-minded peers who are committed to tackling race inequality.

– Learn about what’s working from peers – you can also shine the spotlight by sharing what is working in your organisation if you have examples.

– Learn what ethnically diverse employees need leaders to do.

– Inspire others to progress by sharing your top 3 career tips with non-leaders – many never get access to this insight.

Changemakers will:

– Learn about what’s working in other organisations and the part leaders play – you can share this with your organisations.

– Be a changemaker beyond your organisation by sharing what leaders could do to tackle race inequality.

– Gain valuable career insight from leaders in a variety of sectors.

We will also showcase organisations that are driving change when we announce the Race Equality Matters Wave 4 Trailblazers.

Be part of this reciprocal mentoring event and you’ll have exclusive access to 50+ insights and ideas.


Expert Speakers include:

  • Samuel Ubanatu, Data Warehouse ETL Developer, Shadow Board Member, NHS Business Services Authority
  • Michael Brodie CBE, Chief Executive, NHS Business Services Authority
  • Alex Sidgreaves, Zurich Insurance
  • Uzma Ahmad-Strathearn, Zurich Insurance
  • Raj Tulsiani, CEO, Green Park and Co-founder REM
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