For far too long progress in tackling race inequality has been too slow.

The evidence from those with lived experience is clear. There has been a lot of talk, but limited meaningful action by organisations. The result being, little real impact has been made.

Race Equality Matters (REM) aim is to turn declarations of commitment and support from organisations and individuals into meaningful action and impact. #ActionNotJustWords.

But what does “meaningful impact” look like and how can organisations who are making a meaningful impact on driving race equality be showcased?

Through being awarded with Trailblazer status.

Trailblazer has been developed in response to requests Race Equality Matters regularly receives from people who want to know which organisations are successfully taking action and making an impact on race inequality.

The aim is to highlight organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality. It is more than simply just an award.

The purpose is to;

  1. Identify what is making a meaningful impact,
  2. Encourage those making an impact to keep the momentum going,
  3. Inspire others to up their game.

It will also enable REM to identify what works, to help us to create future solutions and share findings of what is actually driving the change.

We also believe that peer competition, stimulated by this recognition of excellence, will make a significant impact to accelerate tackling race inequality in the workplace.

One of our judging panellists said:

“I think it’s important for organisations to want to achieve this status as it helps shine a light on organisations who are tackling racial inequality with effective methods. This subsequently helps create a standard and repository for good practice which can help other organisations in their journey to becoming anti-racist organisations. I also think it’s important for organisations to want to achieve this status as it encourages organisations to continuously develop, measure impact and maintain accountability with such sensitive issues.”

How is Trailblazer awarded?

REM Trailblazer status is determined by an independent panel of experts. All with lived experience of race inequality in the workplace. The objective of this panel is to use their experience and expertise to assess which organisations are making genuine and impactful inroads into tackling race inequality. The criteria our independent judging panellists are looking at have been established through collaboration with experts in challenging race inequality.

To find out everything you need to know about the Trailblazer application process, hear from our judging panel on what makes a good application and to learn what your organisation could do to drive race equality join us at our official Trailblazer launch event.

We will also be showcasing our very first successful Trailblazer applicants!

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