The Power of Data to Tackle Race Inequality

The Power of Data to Tackle Race Inequality

1st Feb 12.30-2.00pm – Register Below

A Race Equality Week exclusive event highlighting potential ways to identify race inequality in your workplace and how to act on these findings!

With a range of expert speakers from different sectors you will hear different approaches to this and valuable insights that you will be able to adapt and utilise in your own organisation.

You will hear about the impact from three 10-minute presentations highlighting the power of data as a key element in helping organisations address race inequality. Our speakers will cover the following pressing concerns:
o Why data is needed to tackle race inequality in your workplace?
o What data to capture and how?
o How to address the issues identified?
o How building an informed action plan can make a meaningful impact
o How these will empower race networks
o The impact this has on your organisation

This will be an interactive event with two 10-minute breakout sessions aimed at helping attendees collaborate on how best to implement some of the solutions heard about from our speakers. This will be followed by a Q&A session to providing attendees the opportunity to ask some key questions.

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Hosted By:
Trevor Phillips – Partner | WebberPhillips, Chairman | Green Park Executive Recruitment

Jackie Beer – Global Diversity & Inclusion Director | BT
Bernadette Kisaalu – Principal Lawyer | BT Customer Experience Legal Team
Nii Cleland – CEO & Co-Founder | Flair
Darrell Coker – Head of Product & Co-Founder | Flair
Lily Kitchen – Project Manager (Diversity & Inclusion) | Network Rail
Rakhi Jethwa – Culture Fusion Employee Network Representative | Network Rail

VIRTUAL EVENT: Safe Space How to Do it Right Workshop 22 June 12.30-13.45

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