Race Equality Week Opening Event

The launch of UK's second Race Equality Week!


- Raj Tulsiani - Co-Founder | Race Equality Matters and Co-Founder & CEO | Green Park

- Javed Thomas - Co-Founder | Race Equality Matters
- Rachel Aldighieri - Managing Director | DMA
- Rob Anarfi - Chief Risk Officer | Beazley
- Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney - Corporate Director Brighter Futures & Newham’s Children and Young People’s Commissioner | London Borough of Newham
- Satyen Dayal - Executive Director | Edelman London
- Jamie Cordwell - Executive Creative Director | Edelman London

This is a virtual event.

Race Equality Week Opening Event

To kick off the week you will hear:
o How and why Race Equality Week was created
o The launch of a new tool that addresses a common workplace microaggression
o Critical insights into the state of race equality in the UK
o What is happening during the week
o From an expert speaker and their plans for the week
o A taster of what other organisations and sectors are doing
o An opportunity to take part in uniting with others
o How you can still get involved

VIRTUAL EVENT: Safe Space How to Do it Right Workshop 22 June 12.30-13.45

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