We have identified 6 key steps to help you plan your activity in the lead up to Race Equality Week.

Step 1: Identify your Race Equality Week Lead/s

  • Brief them on Race Equality Week – you will find a video and promotional copy HERE.
  • Gain their agreement to lead the initiative.
  • Ask what support/resources they will need in their role.

Step 2: Engage senior leaders

  • Explain the benefits of Race Equality Week.
  • Explain why leadership involvement is critical to the initiative.
  • Gain line managers’ commitment to support the activity.

Step 3: Create a working group

  • Identify people to help you shape, drive and implement activity during Race Equality week
  • Choose a diverse group with different skills and expertise.

Step 4: Identify activities you could run during the week.

  • Review the Race Equality Matters Ideas and Resources HERE.
  • Look inside and outside the organisation for ideas.
  • Ask colleagues with lived experience to suggest activities.

Step 5: Promote Race Equality Week

  • Think about the information you need to share with colleagues.
  • Use a range of channels to spread the word.
  • Consider your approach to ongoing communications.

Step 6: Share your activity

  • Take photos and promote your activity on social media.
  • Tell Race Equality Matters about your activity so we can profile your organisation.

For more check out: IDEAS AND RESOURCES



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