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Why is Race Equality Week important?

Race Equality Week is a chance to reflect on our history, how far we have come, but also what more needs to be done. It is an opportunity to highlight any barriers people may encounter because of race and celebrate our achievements. It is important to continuously speak up for those that are oppressed, as there is power in numbers. Racial inequality is apparent in everyday life, it isn’t just the big stories you see on the news, but also the microaggressions people face daily. There is so much more to be done to create an equitable society, and initiatives like Race Equality 

Week is a great way to bring these issues to the forefront of everyone’s mind. We can’t start to solve the problem if we don’t know and understand the full extent of it.

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Co-chairs of HS2’s REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) Network Natalie Rose and Rubi Sarang said “the REACH Network is determined to contribute to organisational cultural change across HS2 and the wider industry. HS2 as a project will leave a lasting legacy, and we want to be part of that. To do this, meaningful engagement and positive action must be at the heart of what we do”

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What are HS2’s plans for Race Equality Week 2022?

HS2’s REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) Network will be hosting a number of events to showcase the range of cultures within the organisation, and all of the work we are doing to support those in the communities around the line of route. We hope to be able to bring people together from across the business and our wider supply chain partners to share their stories and experiences. We would also like to explore ways that we can make real positive change in the workplace and wider industry.

What do you hope to achieve as a result?

The aim of Race Equality Week for HS2 is to educate and raise awareness – not just about ethnic minorities, cultures, and races, but also about the issues that they may face at work. We want to engage with people across the business and within our supply chain to galvanise their support towards addressing racial barriers to work, and ultimately to create an inclusive workplace for all.


Why this year’s theme #ActionNotJustWords is so important?

Without action, change is impossible. Although racial equality will not be created overnight, we must start somewhere. It is easy to talk about the importance of equality for all, but the real commitment comes when collective actions across our staff networks and with the support of our senior leaders are agreed and progressed.


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