The Power of Data to Tackle Race Inequality

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Full Event (Duration approx 1 hr)


A Race Equality Week exclusive event highlighting potential ways to identify race inequality in your workplace and how to act on these findings!

With a range of expert speakers from different sectors we heard different approaches to this and valuable insights.

Three 10-minute presentations highlighting the power of data as a key element in helping organisations address race inequality. Our speakers covered the following pressing concerns:
o Why data is needed to tackle race inequality in your workplace?
o What data to capture and how?
o How to address the issues identified?
o How building an informed action plan can make a meaningful impact
o How these will empower race networks
o The impact this has on your organisation

Hosted By:
Trevor Phillips – Partner | WebberPhillips, Chairman | Green Park Executive Recruitment

Jackie Beer – Global Diversity & Inclusion Director | BT
Bernadette Kisaalu – Principal Lawyer | BT Customer Experience Legal Team
Nii Cleland – CEO & Co-Founder | Flair
Darrell Coker – Head of Product & Co-Founder | Flair
Lily Kitchen – Project Manager (Diversity & Inclusion) | Network Rail
Rakhi Jethwa – Culture Fusion Employee Network Representative | Network Rail

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