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The Big Promise ‘How To Do It Right’ Workshop

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Full event (Duration approx 50 mins)

The Big Promise Workshop

The BIG Promise has been created in collaboration with senior leaders, race network chairs and D&I and race experts and working with one of our partners The Governance Forum.

When we make a promise, we do not break it!

Through 1-2-1 and group workshops with the Race Equality Matters community, we have reviewed numerous charters with over 200 ‘commitments’ and identified promises/commitments that are measurable, accountable, and transparent and will create meaningful change.

These are selected by those who face inequality and not created by those who have power, influence, and privilege.
The BIG Promise turns words into action.

With BIG Promise being one of the key activities during Race Equality Week and more than 300 organisations accessing the toolkit, we are hosting our 1st ever workshop to explain more about the initiative.



Our first ever BIG Promise ‘How to do it right’ Workshop.

We heard
• Why it is needed
• How to utilise the how to do it right Guide

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