The Big Collaboration – October (Members Only)

Date: 8 Oct 2024 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Categories: Members

Membership only event

Join other members in this collaborative event

The Big Collaboration

This is an exclusive, REM Member event. It is virtual, so there are no geographic barriers.

Members will:

  • Directly interact with like-minded people with the same purpose in bespoke virtual break-out rooms.
  • Explore solutions to key topics that prevent race equality.
  • Be a #ChangeMaker to help accelerate change by sharing what works.
  • Gain new insights and keep up to date with effective solutions.
  • Make new connections.

Discussion topics will be confirmed before the event.

Why this event?

Collaboration and idea sharing is key when it comes to driving change.

This event will bring members together to explore solutions to key topics related to race inequality and share what works.

Who is this event for?

This event is for all members – changemakers who want to drive race equality.

Over 700 changemakers have joined Big Collaboration events in the past.

Polls revealed:

  • 90% would recommend it.
  • 88% learnt something new.
  • 77% would implement something they learnt.

Just a handful of their comments:

“Wish you could do these every week!” | “I’ve really appreciated the conversations and learning from today.”

“Another wonderful, collaborative & informative session.” | “Looking forward to sharing what I learnt with my colleagues.”| “Always great to collaborate!” |

“Thank you all so much for all the food for thought.” | “Enjoyed the breakout sessions.” | “Thank you everyone, let’s continue being the change.” | “It’s been really thought provoking.”

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