The Big Collaboration – June (Members)

Date: 27 Jun 2024 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Location: Zoom

Categories: Members

Event Included in Membership

The Big Collaboration – Race +

Included in your REM membership. This is a virtual event, so there are no geographic barriers.

Members will:

  • Directly interact with like-minded people with the same purpose in bespoke virtual break-out rooms.
  • Explore solutions to key topics that prevent race equality.
  • Be a #ChangeMaker to help accelerate change by sharing what works.
  • Gain new insights and keep up to date with effective solutions.
  • Make new connections.

Details of the event

Intersectionality is on many people list of hot topics at the moment.
People who are different, marginalised or disadvantaged typically have more than one characteristic that creates barrier, inequity and suffering just because of this. Everyone knows the importance of Diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace yet it is not happening and happening even less for international colleges.
To help change this, REM is creating a brand new series Race +
A series of Big Collaboration events where will focus on race, and other dimensions of a person, that holds them back, causes disadvantage  and exclusion.
Our 1st event will be Race + Gender which is highly relevant following the recent horrific treatment (and lack of support) of Diane Abbott MP

3 reasons why

  • why in 2024 are we hearing that Black Caribbean women earn 18% less on average than men.
  • does it takes a Black women 2 months longer than a white woman to find their first job.
  • 79% of Black and South Asian women have faced discrimination in the workplace. Many are changing their demeanour and sometimes even their names just to fit in the work place.
Time for change, we need more allyship, sponsors, long term solutions, senior leadership buy in to lift our ethnically diverse colleagues so that going forwards we are truly talking about a level playing field




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