Tea Break: How To Do It Right Workshop Virtual Event

Location: Zoom

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Full event video (Duration approx 1hr 5mins)

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In this short video interview Lynette Lucas, Member Subscriptions and Inclusion Officer, NCVO and and Rupinder Dhaliwal, Senior digital content producer, NCVO Share how they implemented Tea Break, their top tips and the impact Tea Break is having at NCVO. (Duration approx 11mins)

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This video covers the 11 Steps outlined in the Tea Break How To Do It Right Guide (Duration approx 9 mins)

The Tea Break provides the framework and opportunity for an organisation to hear the honest voice and feelings of its colleagues about race inequality.

This impactful solution was developed through the Solutions Collaboratory™ in collaboration with Network Rail and its staff network, Cultural Fusion, Mental Health First Aid England and those with lived experience from other organisations.


Completed Tea Break ‘How To Do It Right’ Workshop.

“The feedback that we get from staff has been really impressive and mind-blowing in some ways.” 100% said it was helpful to hear from our speakers Lynette Lucas and Rupinder Dhaliwal

During this Tea Break How To Do It Right Workshop recording you will:

– Have access to Poll results collected during the event

– Discover what Tea Break is and how it was created

– Walk through the 7 steps required to implement Tea Break

– Hear how REM Trailblazer NCVO implemented Tea Break and the impact it has had.


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