Race Network Leads and Future Leads

Location: Zoom

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Tags: #black history month #Efficient IP #Northampton Carers #trailblazers

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Full event (Duration approx 50 mins)

Race Network Leads and Future Leads

Race Network Leads in the Race Equality Matters community have told us that they would benefit from connecting with leads in different organisations.

The Race Network and Future Lead series of events has been created so you can connect, share experiences, ideas and learn new skills.

COMPLETED For this event we focused on what actually makes an impact on the drive for race equality.

– Had the opportunity for a BHM 2022 debrief
– Heard the Wave 2 Trailblazers announcement
– Heard from a Wave 1 REM Trailblazer
– Heard from a Trailblazer judge

An event that will enable you to learn what good looks like so your organisation can make an impact.

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