Race Equality Matters virtual event. Race Network Leaders and Future Leads Event.

Race Network Leaders and Future Leads

Location: Zoom

Categories: Race Network Lead

Tags: ##itseveryonesbusiness #active allyship #KPIs #targets

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Full event (Duration approx 45mins)

Race Network Leaders and Future Leads

Race Network Leaders in the Race Equality Matters community have told us that they would benefit from connecting with leads in different organisations.

The Race Network and Future Lead series of events has been created so you can connect, share experiences, ideas and learn new skills.


During this highly collaborative event participants:

• Heard initial insights from Race Equality Week 2023.

• Contributed to polls.

• Were introduced to 3 discussion topics and discussed them in virtual groups:

1. What can be done to make allies active?

2. Which KPI’s would make an impact on tackling race inequality?

3. How can race networks continue to make race equality everyone’s business?

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