The Big Collaboration; how can we get everyone to Listen, Act and Change?

Location: Zoom

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Back by popular demand, following the last Race Equality Week:

-93% said they would recommend the Big Collaboration.

-86% of those with the authority said they would implement something they had learnt.

The theme for the 2nd Big Collaboration is: How can we get everyone to #Listen ActChange?

There are 3 key things that create change:

1. Organisations moving from words to action.

2. Leaders and managers driving change and being accountable and engaged.

3. Allies becoming active.

One of the biggest issues that ethnically diverse employees face at work is racial microaggressions.

In 2022, 83% said they had experienced microaggressions and in 2023 84% said they had.

During this event we will explore a brand-new solution, #ItsNotMicro.

We will also explore how organisations can use #ItsNotMicro to tackle microaggressions by getting everyone to #ListenActChange.

It will be different from other REM Events, in that the collaboration breakout sessions will be extended to allow for, 12-15 minutes, instead of the usual, 7-8 minutes.

 Join this event, and you will:
• Hear from expert speakers who have effectively delivered successful outcomes for change.
• Directly interact with like-minded people with the same purpose in bespoke virtual break-out rooms.
• Gain new insights and keep up-to-date with effective solutions.
• Hear how to drive change.
• Be a #ChangeMaker to help accelerate change by sharing what you know works.
• Make new connections.

Expert Speakers Include:

– Chelsey Sprong, Head of Social Impact, Beazley

– Jeffrey Crawford, Beazley

– Jerome Rock, Repairs Delivery Manager, Notting Hill Genesis

– Natalie Quilter, HR Operational Lead, Notting Hill Genesis

– Michael Burgess, Chief People Officer, Amey

Register today; event attendees will have exclusive access to 50+ insights and ideas.


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