Race Equality Week 2022 Launch Event

Categories: Race Equality Week

Tags: #Amey #Cultural Fusion #Network Rail #REW 2022 #Unison

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Full event (Duration approx 1 hr 20 mins)

The launch of the UK’s second Race Equality Week.


With 2000 organisations engaged in February 2021, from feedback we were able to build and help make 2022 have an even greater impact for your organisation and its commitment to tackling race inequality.



We heard
– From the founders of Race Equality Matters
– What happened in 2021
– The plans for 2022
– How your organisation could get involved
– From some of the organisations that took part in 2021 and the impact it made
– How we are creating an online peer support group to support organisations planning to participate in REW 2022

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