Race Equality Matters Trailblazers: Official Launch Event

Location: Zoom

Categories: Trailblazers

Tags: #how to become a trailblazer #launch event #Santander #Seeds 4 Impact #top tips

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Full event (Duration approx 41 mins)

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Trailblazer Launch: A message from our Co-Founder (Duration approx 1 min)

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Successful Wave 1 Trailblazers (Duration approx 1 min)

Race Equality Matters Trailblazer is an exciting new initiative that aims to recognise organisations who have made a meaningful impact on tackling race inequality within their organisations.


Being awarded with Trailblazer status means your organisation is leading the way in driving race equality.


COMPLETED Our official Trailblazers launch event!

We learned:
– How to apply
– Why to apply
– When the next round for Trailblazer applications is open
– What makes a good application
– What other organisations have been doing

We also be announced those who have successfully been awarded with Trailblazer status!

#REMTrailblazer #MoreThanAnAward

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