Safe Space ‘How To Do It Right’ Workshop

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Full event (Duration approx 55 mins)

Safe Space has been designed to
1. Enable brave conversations
2. Facilitate uncomfortable discussions
3. Drive meaningful change


With more than 400 organisations registering for Safe Space, we are hosting a free workshop to help you implement it.


Safe Space aims to provide a protected environment to enable brave conversations, which may otherwise be avoided as too uncomfortable.


The aim is to generate action-focused, meaningful and tailored outcomes, driven by the people they matter to.
Co Created with our Race Equality Network and Mental Health First Aid England, Safe Space will help organisations achieve facilitated, meaningful dialogue between ethnic minority employees and their senior leaders/board members to make a commitment and take action to address some of the key issues raised.
Safe Space creates the right environment for change and ensures an organisation moves from just talk to action.



Safe Space ‘How to do it right’ Workshop.

We heard
• Why it is needed
• How to utilise the how to do it right Guide
• Form 2 organisations who have had success running Safe Space


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