Live Tea Break Experience Event (Free for members)

Date: 12 Sep 2024 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Location: Zoom

Categories: Tea Break

Free for Members

Non Members £49 to attend the event

Live Tea Break Experience Event

This is an exclusive event. It is virtual so there are no geographic barriers.

You will:

  • Be shown how to run a Tea Break with the theme of Microaggressions V Banter
  • Experience the communities different thoughts on the issues being discussed 
  • Leave understanding the impact Tea Break can have on your colleagues
  • Leave knowing how Tea break enables your colleagues by hearing the thoughts and feelings of each-other
  • Hear from expert speakers who will share the impact Tea Break had on their organisation
  • Gain access to 50+ insights and ideas following the event.

What is Tea Break?

Tea Break provides the framework for an organisation to hear about race inequality through the honest voices and feelings of its colleagues.

  • It is a one-hour themed discussion about an issue that matters.
  • Employees are invited, in person or online, to listen to others or actively participate. Individuals can choose to remain anonymous or not.

What is the impact?

A few quotes from those that have implemented Tea Break:

“The impact and difference it is making is that people can actually bring their whole selves to work; when I talk to colleagues and members, there is definitely a shift, a change in how they can talk about the things that are affecting them.”

“There was a lot of solidarity, a lot of support, our allies list is growing. I think it has raised the profile of the Network and what we are about.”

“What was brilliant was that we had some new faces and voices that I’ve never seen or heard before.”

“They’re a safe space for colleagues to share lived experiences and for others, particularly allies, to learn so much.”

“These Tea Breaks have provided both solace and education to employees.”

“The sessions are impactful and have helped to build trust and confidence of the members.”

“I believe that if this had existed previously, then many more organisations would have made significantly more progress in their efforts to tackle race inequality.”

Who should get involved?

Changemakers who are interested in implementing Tea Break in their organisation.

Past attendees include Race Network Leaders, Race Network Members, Senior leaders, and HR and D&I representatives.

Over 1,000 attendees have joined a Tea Break Workshop previously.

Polls revealed:

  • 94% would recommend the event.
  • 76% said Tea Break is more than or significantly more effective than other D&I initiatives to tackle race inequality.

Here are just a handful of their comments:

“I’m more equipped to get started.” | “Another thoughtful and insightful workshop.” |

“As always, lots of good useful information.” | “I enjoyed the breakout rooms and the session overall!” |

“Great session and educational.” | “I’ve picked up some great ideas/tips!” |

“Very good suggestions and information provided.” | “Always enjoy connecting with others that want to make a difference.” |

“Looking forward to using the Tea Break guide and integrating it into our working weeks.”




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