Join us for our second Wave 3 Trailblazer Briefing Event: How To Apply

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Neisha Porter shares the importance of Trailblazers, Sutton and Kingston Council Bronze Trailblazer. (Duration approx 4 mins)

Developed in partnership with those with lived experience, the Trailblazers spotlight organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality.


Trailblazer is more than an award and its purpose is to:

1. Identify what organisations are doing that is making a meaningful impact
2. Encourage organisations that are making an impact to keep the momentum going
3. Inspire other organisations to up their game


REM Trailblazer accreditation signals your organisation’s commitment to taking action on race inequality.

The decision is based upon key criteria which you submit to be adjudicated independently by a panel of experts/those with lived experience of race inequality in the workplace,


Trailblazers also enable us to identify what works, to help create future solutions plus share findings. We believe that peer competition, stimulated by this recognition of excellence, will make a significant impact to accelerate tackling race inequality in the workplace



Completed  ‘How to Apply to Become a Trailblazer’ Briefing Event.

During the event we heard:

  • From a successful REM Trailblazer
  • A Previous Judging Panelist
  • What you will need to answer each of the questions
  • What evidence will support your application

This was an informative and interactive event with a 10-minute Q&A  to discuss how to effectively answer the questions within the applications and to showcase the work you are doing on the journey to tackling race inequality.


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