#ItsNotMicro – How To Do It Right Workshop

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#ItsNotMicro: How To Do It Right Workshop

It is virtual, so there are no geographic barriers.

This event will include:

  • 9 steps to successfully implement #ItsNotMicro (How to do it right).
  • Full run-through of an employee training workshop to support, encourage and skill-up all employees to call out microaggressions.

The employee training workshop will be available as a ready-to-go resource for your organisation. Alternatively, you can purchase a recorded version of the workshop to distribute amongst all colleagues.

Attendees will receive an exclusive discount on any resources they wish to purchase.

What is #ItsNotMicro (If  you hear it, don’t ignore it)?

It’s a new REM solution to tackle microaggressions, one of the most common and harmful experiences ethnically diverse colleagues face (in the workplace and outside).

The #ItsNotMicro (If you hear it, don’t ignore it) solution will enable colleagues to become active allies, know how to speak up when microaggressions occur, and do so confidently.

Why is it important?

83% of respondents said they experience microaggressions in the workplace.

However, only 16% of microaggressions are called out regularly.

Who should get involved?

Changemakers, ED&I professionals, learning and development, senior leaders, and race networks.

Register today – the next run-through workshop will only be available for members of Race Equality Matters.


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