Green Park Global Talent Conference

Location: Zoom

Green Park Global Talent Conference

Green Park Global Talent Conference

We are delighted to announce the inaugural virtual Green Park Global Talent Conference on 20-21st September, between 8.45 am – 12.30 pm (BST).

During this free, open event you will hear from an impressive list of experts and panellists, who will share their experience and knowledge on topics including diversity, inclusion and intersectionality, social value, social mobility,

leadership, productivity, AI, and technology.

If you are a people and talent manager at any level, a business leader or board member, this conference is for you.

What to expect

Join us online for two informative mornings of panel discussions, expert speakers and original research designed to provide practical guidance, shared learnings and open conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing organisations and their leaders, including:

  • Are We Failing in Intersectional Diversity?
  • Why Should Businesses Engage in Social Value and Social Mobility?
  • Have do we Accelerate Socio-Economic Diversity?
  • Is Leadership the Key to Unlocking the Diversity Dividend?
  • Is AI Empowering Underrepresented Voices or Silencing Them?

Register now to learn from and collaborate with professionals, thought leaders, and change-makers dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for talent globally.

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