Engaging senior and middle managers in the drive for race equality

Engaging senior and middle managers in the drive for race equality.

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71% of respondents, from the Race Equality Matters community, believe their senior leaders and managers are NOT comfortable talking about race.

Senior leaders and middle managers play a crucial role in tackling race inequality in the workplace. Not only do they influence recruitment and progression, but they also influence the culture within their teams and have a significant impact on enabling or breaking down the barriers to inequality.

The lack of their buy-in and engagement is one of the key challenges our network and community are struggling to overcome.

If we are going to move organisations, leaders and managers from words to meaningful action and create diverse and inclusive workplaces, we need to engage them so, how do you do it?

Join this fast-paced and interactive virtual event and you will:
- Hear about impactful solutions.
- Share and explore ideas with like-minded members of the Race Equality Matters community.
- Hear from some organisations that are doing things differently and achieving different results.

Engaging Senior Leaders and Managers

– Raj Tulsiani – Co-Founder | Race Equality Matters and Co-Founder & CEO | Green Park

– Jo Heath – Partner – Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Practice | Green Park
– Jackie Anyango – Customers & Markets EDI Lead | Skanska
– Harvey Francis – Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer | Skanska
– Natalie Rose – Corporate HSE Advisor | HS2
– Rubi Sarang – Project Manager – Rolling Stock | HS2
– Loraine Martins OBE – Director of Diversity and Inclusion | Network Rail

Tea Break How To Do It Right Workshop 27.4.2023 12:30-13:45

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