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Why is Race Equality Week important?

Race Equality Week is important as we will be driving meaningful action that makes a positive impact on our colleagues and gives us a platform to fight against any type of racism. As part of our Equality & Diversity Strategy we will be elevating our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and enhancing our inclusive workplace. Therefore, Race Equality will raise awareness of the diversity of our workforce and ensure everyone feels inclusive and valued in the workplace. This will support our employees feel safe in an inclusive workplace which in turn can help lower the risk of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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What are the Double Tree's plans for Race Equality Week?

We will be supporting Race Equality Week by standing up to racism and making a collage for social media of all of our colleagues faces with the slogans ‘We Value Everyone Equally’ and ‘Race Equality Matters.’ We will also be displaying this in our hotel and posting it onto our Social Media to demonstrate our support for this campaign and creating an inclusive workplace.

What do you hope to achieve as a result?

We hope to make a difference to the campaign overall by doing our bit. We believe this will further enhance and build an inclusive culture in the workplace whilst encouraging self-learning and personal development. Supporting this initiative will help us to attract and retain a more diverse workforce as well as further supporting our diversity, cultural and equality training initiatives. Race Equality Week is a great opportunity to join other companies and networks across the UK and collaborate to improve workplace equality across all industries.

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme #ActionNotJustWords so important?

This year’s theme #ActionNotJustWords is so important following on from the Black Lives Matter campaign which continues globally. We believe there is a great opportunity to drive and create meaningful change in racial equality both in the workplace and in society. This theme plays an incredibly important part as organisations across the UK collaborate and demonstrate our actions of creating and supporting an equal and inclusive culture. For years organisations have stated what we should do, however we are delighted to be part of the #ActioNotJustWords campaign to drive meaningful change.

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