Attempts to apply gender inclusion strategies to racial issues are failing. February’s Parker Review found that “the current pace of change is not quick enough to meet the targets set by the Review.” New recommendations call on companies to report transparently and build their talent pipeline.

Award-winning Diversity Headhunter, Raj Tulsiani, sets out provocative but practical approach to achieving sustainable change in diversity and inclusion in his debut book:  Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders: making a difference with The Diversity Headhunter.


Raj Tulsiani is one of the UK’s leading authorities in executive search, interim management, workforce planning and diversification and a recognised and respected leader of inclusion initiatives, advising boards and change agents across private, public and third sectors.

In 2006, he co-founded executive recruiters Green Park as a challenger brand with a diversity & inclusion focus. Now, with a 90 million-pound turnover, Green Park is Britain’s fastest-growing privately owned recruitment consultancy and in 2019 placed a diverse leader on a Board every eight days.


  • Changing immigration laws, post Brexit, are creating employment challenges for UK-based organisations that require a sustainable diversity and inclusion solutions for talent recruitment, retention and engagement.
  • Sets out a sustainable approach to diversity and inclusion, providing compelling reasons for taking action and presenting the business value of diversity and inclusion, beyond the moral case.
  • Demonstrates clearly how to make inclusion work in practice, providing frameworks, mechanisms, tools and actionable steps to ensure that diversity and inclusion work and ensure organisation success.
  • Includes foreword by Trevor Phillips OBE, the founding Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the first elected Chair of the Greater London Authority.

Most leaders would say they value diversity and inclusion in their organisations, and many are already trying to implement policies because it is morally the “right” thing to do. Yet, for many companies there are significant gaps between rhetoric and action, and even those companies who are making positive steps in establishing a more diverse workforce sometimes fall short when it comes to true inclusion.

The reality is that focusing on the moral argument for diversity and inclusion is not just inappropriate in the business setting, it is obstructive. Framing the issue in terms of right and wrong makes it impossible to begin a collaborative journey of change. The ‘journey’ approach to change is not a soft option. It’s the only way to accomplish real, sustainable change. Instead of trying to create an organisation ‘that works for everyone’, the aim is to make sure that everyone works for the organisation.’

In an insightful new book, Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders, Raj Tulsiani presents a compelling case for the commercial value of diversity and inclusion that goes beyond the moral issues. It gives readers a comprehensive understanding of the issues and provides an actionable framework on how to not only master diversity and inclusion, but also how to profit from it.

Raj Tulsiani is the co-founder of recruitment consultancy, Green Park, and one of the most respected and disruptive figures in his field. In Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders he distils his 20 years’ experience of moving the dial on leadership, talent and diversity to guides readers through the maze of terminology, techniques and trends that will shape the diversity landscape in the 21st century. Packed with original perspectives from Raj and many of the UK’s most distinguished and controversial advocates, this book boosts diversity confidence by showing the reader how to:

  • Turn brand pressure into brand opportunity
  • Recognise and manage negativity through the prism of data
  • Empathise and be authentic
  • Design short term wins that build advocacy for longer term strategies
  • Raise your organisation’s capability, credibility and cognitive Diversity quotient
  • Tackle emerging issues before they become major challenge
  • Build trust in your leadership and your organisation’s promises

Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders is organised into 7 easy to follow chapters, each with a ‘in a nutshell’ summary and action points to take – an essential read for business leaders and HR professionals looking to make diversity and inclusive really work for their organisations.

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