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Why is Race Equality Week important?

Race Equality Week is an important time to reflect on the reality that Race Equality is an aspiration and a journey and we have not yet reached our destination. The presence of people from Communities Effected by Racial Inequality (CERI) in the workplace only highlights this issue more with over-representation of CERI individuals in the lower pay grades contrasted by a sharp under-representation in senior level posts. This trend also exists in Directorates with traditional service driven Directorates such as social care and housing employing far more CERI individuals than non-service directorates.  

Inequality also exists outside of organisations in the criminal justice system, in health care and in the education sector. Race Equality Week is a great opportunity to reflect on organisational and individual commitments to race equality and strategies and to ask, is it enough? And is it working? 

What are Croydon’s plans for Race Equality Week 2022?

Launch the Race Matters Pledge and Equalities Pledge. 

Ideas for REW;

  1. Follow up ELT Tea Talk covering a different topic – 2021 topic was career progression.
  2. In line with the theme “Actions not just words” we can highlight completed actions since 2020. 
  3. Big promise (similar to our equality pledges)
  4. Launch of Race Matters and Equalities Pledges

What do you hope to achieve as a result?

Gained commitment on both the Race Matters Pledge and Equalities Pledge from employees, residents, businesses and community organisations who both signed the pledges and undertook the activities.      

Implementation of recommendations from the Children’s Race Equality Project to increase race equality at the Council and gain the confidence of staff that we are listening and taking action.  

Implementation of work of the EDI Internal Control Board regarding plans and targets with regard to race equality and tacking inequalities. 

To work in partnership with employees, residents and visitors to the borough in eliminating racial inequality and making the borough more inclusive for all.  

Senior management update on the ELT tea talk actions from May 2021. 

Data to support that we have implemented diverse interview panels.

Why this year’s theme #ActionNotJustWords is so important?

We have spoken about race equality in the UK for over 50 years but have still not achieved it. Many people from CERI communities don’t believe that they will see race equality in their lifetime. We have parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all experiencing the same toxic environment in a range of different organisations from government to healthcare and the commercial sector. During lockdown 2020, we learned more about the impact of discrimination structural or otherwise on health outcomes for individuals. If we don’t address systemic and individual discrimination both in society and in organisations we are impacting on the health and life outcomes of over 50% of our residents and employees. 



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