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Why is Race Equality Week important?

British Gymnastics has recognised that there is work to do within the workplace around race inequality and work towards cultural changes. By gaining better understand around the barriers faced and peoples lived experiences, will provide us with the knowledge to find solutions and actions to drive towards cultural changes.

What are British Gymnastics plans for Race Equality Week?

British Gymnastics EmbRace Network group have worked with the Equality & Diversity Lead, the CEO, and the HR team to put together a plan to launch #MyNameIs for Race Equality Week and will also be launching regular Tea Break and Safe Space sessions over the next few months.

What do you hope to achieve as a result?

Taking part in Race Equality Week, demonstrates that we are working towards achieving cultural change within the workplace and the wider community and will hold ourselves accountable.

Why is this year’s Race Equality Week theme #ActionNotJustWords so important?

#ActionNotJustWords highlights that for too long organisations have listened, but unfortunately have not followed through with actions to help tackle race inequality in the workplace. By having the discussions with top level colleagues in the workplace will encourage change and will be an integral part of understanding the culture of the workplace and the importance of driving this forward.

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