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Be one of our Spotlight Organisations in the lead up to Race Equality Week.  During the 100 days and beyond, we will feature a limited number of  Spotlight Organisations on our website and our social media channels, reaching thousands.


Send the following to so we can feature your organisation:

  1. Your company logo in jpg format.
  2. Responses to the following:
  3. Why is Race Equality Week important? (150 words maximum)
  4. What are your organisation’s plans for Race Equality Week? (100 words maximum)
  5. What do you hope to achieve as a result? (100 words maximum)
  6. Why this year’s theme #actionnotjustwords is so important? (100 words maximum)

If someone has provided a statement or quote, please send JPG photo of that person and their job title.


Optional – a 30 second video covering:

  1. Why Race Equality Week is so important
  2. Why other organisations should get involved

Note: This does not need to be professionally produced and can be recorded on a phone.

We look forward to profiling your organisation and urge you to take part, as your organisation’s involvement will inspire other organisations to get involved in this important week.



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