Race Equality Matters virtual event. Race Network Leaders and Future Leads Event.

Race Network Leaders and Future Leads

Race Network Leaders and Future Leads

Race Network Leaders in the Race Equality Matters community have told us that they would benefit from connecting with leads in different organisations.

The Race Network and Future Lead series of events has been created so you can connect, share experiences, ideas and learn new skills.

94% believe that making race equality everyone’s business will make an impact.

 The Race Network Leaders and Future leaders 2023 series will focus and build on the key issues you believe need to be addressed to create change in organisations.

 Join 100+ organisations at this virtual event to:

  • Collaborate, meet and learn from your peers.
  • Share your ideas, thoughts, and insights.
  • Gain access to more than 50 ideas and tips.


During Race Equality Week it was incredible to see so many people involved.

But how do you maintain the momentum and continue to make Race Equality everyone’s business beyond Race Equality Week?

  • 70% said it is ethnically diverse colleagues that play a key role in tackling race equality – it should not only be the responsibility of ethnically diverse colleagues to impact and accelerate change.
  • 100% believe that allies are crucial to tackling race inequality but 62% indicated that 3 in 4 allies are NOT active allies.
  • Only 24% believe that managers are playing a key part – without their commitment, change will never happen.

Three Key Drivers To Make Race Equality Everyone’s Business.

During this interactive event, you will be given the opportunity to collaborate with peers, addressing:

  1. Which KPI’s would make an impact when it comes to tackling race inequality.
  2. How to move allies to active allies.
  3. What race networks can do to make race inequality everyone’s business.

Race Network Leaders and Future Leads Event 21.03.2023

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