Race Equality Matters Race Equality Week 2023. The Big Collaboration Event.

Race Equality Week 2023: The Big Collaboration, How Can We Make Race Equality Everyone’s Business?

Race Equality Week 2023: The Big Collaboration

Join us for the third event of the Race Equality Week 2023 schedule!

Collaboration and solution-sharing has been invaluable for many of the Race Equality Matters Community.

For many organisations, tackling race inequality is a challenge.

Only 40% of respondents believe their organisation focusses on action, not just words.

Effective problem-solving works best when tackled by groups of individuals.

That’s why this event is all about collaboration and idea-sharing.

Gaining access to new perspectives, different experiences and practical examples enables organisations to implement solutions they may not have considered or known about before.

Join hundreds of other change-makers and, share ideas, experiences and solutions to drive race equality.  

You will collaborate in virtual break-out rooms and hear from our expert speakers from Auto Trader and POhWER.

Explore solutions to important issues that have been chosen by the REM community: 

  • How to help leaders up their game (only 26% believe their senior leaders are playing a key part in tackling race equality)
  • Data gathering and how to get individuals to give their data 
  • How to improve recruitment processes so, they are more equitable

Why Join?

You Will:

  • Discover new, practical and impactful solutions that address key barriers to race equality
  • Share solutions you have seen work
  • Support others to drive race equality
  • Gain new perspectives and knowledge
  • Meet change-makers from a variety of sectors, like-minded people that want to collaborate, learn, share and drive race equality.

Previous Attendees Of  Our Events Include:

  • Senior/Exec Leaders
  • HR, D&I and Talent Experts
  • Allies
  • Race Network Leaders and Future Leaders
  • Race Network Members
  • Employees from Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds

What People Say:

  • On average, 95% of attendees would recommend our events

Following REW 2022:

  • 94% would recommend REW to other organisations
  • 85% feel REW is a good/excellent initiative to support their organisations’ commitment to race equality
  • 90% believe REW will have an impact on Race Equality in their organisations
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